Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fitness Week 3 - Days 1-3

W3D1 – Sunday, January 22 – Jillian Michaels Level 2
I made it to week 3!!!! Who thought I was going to quit by now? No lies, I kind of did. But I have really been enjoying this. I thought waking up in the morning was going to kill me. But it hasn’t. And I love working out this consistently. Now all I need to do is go to the gym and cancel my membership. The only thing I can’t do in my house is run. But I have free sidewalks outside for when the weather gets nicer.  And who knows, maybe in the future I will go back to the gym, but for right now, it is spending money that I don’t need to spend. It is on my list this week.

Oh and HUGE news. Matt bought me a birthday present!!!! He bought me 2 medicine balls so I can do Body Rock’s workouts that call for sandbags. He thought it was silly to buy me a sandbag only to fill it with 10 lbs of sand. It would be a huge floppy mistake. So medicine balls it is. He bought me a 6 lb to start with and a 10lb for feeling strong. And there are bigger ones if I need it. And after that I will get a sandbag. But not until then.

According to Body Rock, today is a rest day. But I want to work out. So I am going back to Jillian. 
So here is what I was able to do: #1st set – exercise – 2nd set (last time/ time before that)
1st circuit 
7 (7/7) – walking planks – 6 (6/7)
27/5lbs (27/27/5lbs ) – static squat & dumbbell rows (open) – 12/5lbs (15/15/5lbs )
high knees/mountain climbers
20 each (12/15) – crunch alternating leg lift (I pause the DVD & do 20)
2nd circuit
 29/5lbs (24/22/5lbs ) – static lunge & dumbbell row (closed) – 20/5lbs (24/18/5lbs )
26/5lbs (24/10/5lbs ) – pendulum lunge & hammer curl – 13/5lbs (13/13/5lbs )
oblique twist / skaters
20 (12/14) – leg lifts
12 (16/13) – double crunch
3rd circuit
11/5lbs (12/16/5lbs)military press & leg extension – 18/5bs (14/3lbs/ 15/3lbs)
20/3lbs (20/3lbs / 20/5lbs) – squat & V raise – 19/3lbs (19/19/3lbs)
plank jacks/ double jump rope
30 (27/10) plank twists

Okay that hurt. I don’t know why it hurt so bad this morning but it did. I made mostly good decisions about food, but we watched football with friends today. So it was only okay. I chewed a lot of gum.

W3D2 – Monday, January 23 – Body Rock Week 2, Day 3
I got to sleep in today!!! But not tomorrow. So I have to get back on my schedule. Otherwise tomorrow will be difficult and I will lose everything I have worked for. No biggie. No pressure. Not until tomorrow morning anyway. So today I am doing two workouts. I got this! & the second one is Sean’s!

So here is what I was able to do:
Lisa Marie’s
16/13 – Clean & Press using the 6lb medicine ball
16/15 – Squat Leaps
15/15 – Wide Tiered Push ups
30/30 – Seated Row
20/18 – Squat & Press using the 6lb medicine ball
20/19 – Switch Lunge’s

3 Rounds of 15 Reps Per Exercise
15/15 – Sand Bag Swing using the 6lb medicine ball
15/ 15– Sand Bag Up Right Row using the 5lb dumbbell
15/9 – Sand Bag Squat Jump Press using the 6lb medicine ball
15/0– Sand Bag Lunge Press Side Turn using the 6lb medicine ball

Total time: 4/5. Total 9 minutes

Nope I lied. I’m done with that. I like Sean’s workout. It is intense. But I might have overdone it today by listening to the amounts instead of working my way up to him. Granted he used a 40lb. sandbag for every round and I am not. But still, that was too much. Even my fingers are moving slow right now. I tired. Ha. I tried. And I will try him again tomorrow. Maybe modifying down to 12 reps instead of 15. Maybe.

So something else I wanted to share with you. My body is physically changing. There is jiggle that is not quite as jiggle-ly anymore. How about that! I was upset last week because I have not lost any weight. But that is because I have gained MUSCLE!!! And every one says that muscle weighs more than fat. So I will take that. I don’t say it enough, but I am actually very proud of myself.

W3D3 – Tuesday, January 24 – Jillian Michaels, + Body Rock Week 2, Day 4
Ahhhh, new semester starts today! I am very excited! New kiddies from the other teachers! So I am not really teaching anything today. Just mock quiz grades! They have to introduce themselves in Spanish and say one thing that is maybe difficult. But only maybe. So I downloaded the schedule of when they post videos (specifically Sean’s) to Body Rock and he only posts twice a week. Which means the other days I will be rotating Jillian & ZUMBA. I haven’t done a Jillian workout in a few days, so I will be taking a beating from here today! HURRAH!

So here is what I was able to do: #1st set – exercise – 2nd set (last time)
1st circuit 
6 (7) – walking pushups – 4 (6) – upgraded from walking PLANKS
25/5lbs (27/5lbs) – static squat & dumbbell rows (open) – 18/5lbs (12/5lbs)
High knees/mountain climbers
20 each (20) – crunch alternating leg lift (I pause the DVD & do 20)
2nd circuit
 ?? lost count/5lbs (29/5lbs ) – static lunge & dumbbell row (closed) – 20/5lbs (20/5lbs )
24/5lbs (26/5lbs ) – pendulum lunge & hammer curl – 19/5lbs (13/5lbs )
Oblique twist / skaters
17 (20) – leg lifts
10 (12) – double crunch
3rd circuit
10/5lbs (11/5lbs)military press & leg extension – 10/5bs (18/5lbs)
20/3lbs (20/3lbs) – squat & V raise – 19/3lbs (19/3lbs)
plank jacks/ double jump rope
30 (30) plank twists

Lisa Marie’s – 4 exercises, 3 rounds
6/6/ – Press up Burpee + Stair Jump
20/15 – Star Single Toe Touch Abs (on back)
10/13 – Sit Squat & Jump using the medicine ball
3/3 – Mountain Climbers x 10 & Toe Touch’s x 10 (touching stair)

I wasn’t trying anymore. So I punished myself with stopping. It doesn’t sound like a real punishment. But it hurts after yesterday’s triumph. But I don’t think I can work out with Jillian & then Lisa Marie. I am just exhausted (in a good way). Also I need to stretch after workouts. I stretch with Jillian & ZUMBA, but not after Body Rock. It’s not part of their exercises. So I have to remember to add that in. Here’s to a good day!

Today was great. I made very smart food decisions. And I made very good financial decisions. Because of Bodyrock.tv, I am quitting my gym. Even when I was working with a personal trainer I never felt like it made nay difference in my body. I don’t think this is true of Body Rock.  AT ALL. Also. Second big decision. I am quitting Weight Watchers. It is more money that I would rather spend on anything else. I am aware of what I am eating. I think about it constantly. I think it is engrained in my brains. And if this is a bad decision, I can come back. In fact, it might be cheaper to quit and come back because then I would get the new member deal going on right now? Maybe? Probably not. Whatever. I don’t need it. And I can log what I eat in a journal to keep me aware. I can do this.

Also. Tomorrow will be a rest day. My legs are hurting in a way that makes me uncomfortable, so I am going to listen to my body and take Wednesday off. I might get up early just to maintain my schedule. I could get some planning done for school. Hey I mean it! I could! I probably won’t. I will probably sit in front of the computer… It will be okay. I will sleep in! Looking forward to Thursday’s workout already!

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