Saturday, March 23, 2013

are you ready for the hospital???

I wrote this post over a week ago, so please ignore the verb tenses, I meant to post it before we went to the hospital... but now I can give you some feedback on what we actually needed. 

I have been doing a lot of research when it comes to the hospital. Mostly because I have never given birth before... I know SHOCKING information! So here is what we have done to prepare ourselves, just a little bit.

  1. I went in and met with a labor nurse. She took me into a labor and delivery room and talked to me for an hour about anything I wanted. She really calmed me down.
  2. Took a birthing class. We took the express class because we didn't want to take a long drawn out class with homework and all sorts of other stuff we aren't all that interested in... I know, it might be a problem later on that we didn't spend 2 hours learning how to breath or bathe the baby. But that's why there are Grandparents and nurses.
  3. Did a trial run of going to the hospital. hahahaha. Trial run! I started freaking out. So we went to the hospital and found out that I have a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. We were just practicing. But we know where to park, where to go and check in. All of the above.
  4. Installed the carseat.
  5. And we packed our hospital bag. Twice. Here is what we are bringing with us. 
  • DEB's bag: a robe, socks, pajamas, nursing bra, nursing tops, going home outfit (read sweatpants), slippers. I am not planning on wearing bottoms while I am in the hospital. Don't get excited, it's just that the war zone will be fresh. And I don't want (Matt) to have to wash that catastrophe.
  • MATT's bag: 2 changes of clothing, pajamas. We are planning on sending him home to get one night of sleep the night before I come home. My Mom is going to spend that night with me in the hospital. (I wonder if I told her that...).
  • OUR bag: phone chargers, Matt's tablet, toiletries (shampoo and stuff), our pillows
  • BABY GIRL's bag: two outfits in different sizes, mittens, socks, two blankets (one for sending home to the dogs to get used to her smell).
And that's everything. The hospital will take care of me (yay insurance) with all the patching up clothing I need. And same for our Baby Girl - they will provide her with diapers, onesies, and blankets. And if they get dirty? We throw them in the laundry and ask for a new one. Simple. So why would we make more laundry for Matt?

The only other thing I needed was the boppy pillow. It made feedings and getting comfortable easier. My family brought it for us the first morning in the hospital. Oh and my Kindle - which I never had time to read.

Even with the minimalist list we actually brought, I had more than enough stuff. The only thing I would change? The clothing for Eliana. No onesies and no pants with feet. Onesies because of the umbilical cord - a shirt so nothing is rubbing up against it. And pants without feet because they put a low-jack on the baby while in the hospital that they have to cut off, and its on her ankle like a little criminal. 

Otherwise we were good to go.

And remember that just because you are no longer pregnant, doesn't mean YOUR pants will fit. Think about 5/6 months pregnant in the fit department. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ummm my water broke

This was the weirdest feeling ever! Seriously.

I was already awake. Baby Girl had already woken me up with pressure, but it wasn't bad. I just couldn't sleep. So I got up, took care of the dogs, pooped to try to deal with the pressure, made Matt's lunch, and washed the dishes.

Matt woke and asked how I was feeling. I told him about the pressure. Then I told him he was going to work and to get in the shower. This was my first day of bedrest and I was planning on enjoying it by myself!

At 6:05 he got out of the shower.
At 6:10 my water broke. Imagine the sensation of a water balloon (that you weren't 100% conscious of) getting caught on something and rupturing inside of you. That's what it felt like. And then a gush of liquid. I jumped back out of bed (last thing I did quickly for days). And hobbled towards the bathroom. When I told Matt, he was skeptical at best. I was the girl who kept thinking I was in labor when I wasn't. So I showed him my pants... They were soaked.

We called the doctor. We packed the car. Oh shit - let me just tell you - real contractions, the serious kind, oh wow do they hurt. Yup. You will know. Which is awful since with your first kid, you actually don't know anything. Imagine ... well I don't know really how to describe it. Oh yes I do - imagine your insides are trying to be ripped out by an alien that has taken up residency in your body for the last 9 months. And is getting evicted and making a huge scene about it. Then hit yourself with a hammer and you might be halfway there. Back to the story. We called the grandparents-to-be from the car. Then we stopped at 7-11 for coffee. Again Matt was skeptical. And I told him he could.
So we got to the hospital and checked in, again, you know, like we did on Monday. Only this time, they checked me in a lot faster. They kept offering me a wheelchair, but I turned it down - sitting was worse than standing. So checked in and then they checked to see if my water actually broke. It only happens on its own or first in 10% of labors, so they assumed (like Matt) that I was wrong. Test came back negative. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! But on the flip side, they did confirm that I was in active labor and I was admitted to the hospital for real. 

I hobbled down the hallway, slowly, having a contraction halfway there. So admitted and attached to the IV. I had to have a full IV of fluid before they would give me an epidural - which I wanted badly and seriously. The pain was seriously uncomfortable. So I was hooked up and then the doctor came in for my epidural. He hooked me and numbed my down. But 45 minutes later - it hurt again and I could feel it. So I called the nurse and asked for more. She checked me and realized that my epidural was no longer turned on - seriously. It was off. No wonder I could feel things. So they called the doc back and he fixed me. And I was good to go. 

At this point, I was comfortable and thought about taking a nap. The next few hours happened slowly and quickly all at the same time. 

Let's talk dilation. At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, I was only 1 cm dilated. I was the same the week before. We didn't think it would happen all that quickly. Boy were we wrong. Within the first hour, I was at 3. I think around the next hour, I was 5. Repeat this process again and again and by 1pm, I was at 9+. At 2, I was ready to push. 

I felt pressure in my butt. I still had the epidural - so pressure is the only way I can describe what the contractions felt like. And then there is pushing. I did that. Let's fast forward a little bit. 

For the next two hours I pushed. And pushed and pushed. And I was making a lot of progress - except that she wasn't coming out. So I gave the doctor permission to cut me and make more space. He said that I wasn't ready yet - but I'm pretty sure I just said I was. Oh well. He said another 30 minutes and I said no. Within 10 minutes, she was out. I told him I wasn't waiting any longer. I told him.

10 hours after I said my water broke. And on my first day of bed rest. At 4:38pm, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz, and 20.5 inches long, Eliana Beatrice made her entrance into our lives. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bed rest

So the baby is due to arrive this weekend. As if you can predict or decide when a baby is actually going to show up. What a brat. JK I love her. 

So we have spent the last two Mondays thinking that it was time. Two Monday's ago, it was surreal. We were just following directions - they said if you are having contractions at regular intervals for more than an hour, call and then go get checked out. I forgot about the more painful than anything you ever experienced part. And they sent us home. 

Yesterday, it was painful. The contractions woke me up. And kept me up. I felt like I was being punished. And punched repeatedly in the vagina. Every few minutes. I didn't like it at all. So I called the Dr. and gave her the information. She told me to go in and get checked out. So we did. I have been 60% effaced for three weeks, but I am not dilating at all. These contractions helped start the process, but I am still only.... WAIT FOR IT!!!!.... 1 cm dilated. Wah wah wah wah. So we walked the hospital for an hour or so and then got sent home again. 

Now let me tell you, the contractions didn't ease up until the afternoon. And it is now tomorrow (from yesterday) and while the contractions are less painful (minor-ly) they are still happening. 

So I stayed home from work yesterday. I actually went in for 2 hours to meet with my sub and pass things off to him officially. But it made everyone nervous. I was told to get in, do my stuff, and get back out. Even though I told them that I was not in active labor. Didn't matter. 

The people at school don't want me back. Not while this baby is still inside me. Not at all. Because I have been having contractions. They are worried she will drop out at any point throughout the day. Which I wish would happen. So I had to bully the Dr. this afternoon. Bed rest or bust! We were practicing today. I have some amazing support here at home! But starting tomorrow, it is official - and I am at home!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Belly

There are a number of different reactions I get to being pregnant. And they cover the whole spectrum of human emotions.

Let's start with the obvious.

People who gush, but only over the belly!
All these people want to do is touch your belly and rub your belly. And they are not going to ask first. As the mother, you are the vessel creating the baby, and nothing else. It is like touching a Tupperware container. Like really? Who cares about touching Tupperware? No one. These friends don't even talk to you anymore, just your growing belly. They think that baby is going to remember them once the baby is out. Baby Girl won't. She hears your voice sporadically. She won't remember you, because you aren't me or her Daddy. Wah wah.

It is ALMOST okay when these people are your family. But even then, I am still here. And I still count.

People who respect the belly!
Most people fit into this category. You still talk to me. And you talk to me about me: how I am feeling (both baby and me related). And then AFTER talking to me, SOMETIMES you ask if you can touch the belly.

People who are wary of the belly...
My students are the majority of this category. The belly makes them nervous. I mean, it keeps growing out of nowhere. It came out of nowhere and everyday it gets a little bigger and more intrusive into their lives. And it's distracting when she kicks during class - and then I put my hand on the belly where she is hanging out. They can't really see her kick - you have to be paying attention.

Seriously. 1000% grossed out by a baby belly. I mean seriously - I am converting food into a person. INSIDE MY BODY! Normal people convert food into energy, fat, and poop. But me? I am making a person. It is unnatural.

Someone I love very much wrote this "every time you try to let me feel the baby I get uncomfortable and make a joke." She goes on to tell me that she doesn't actually HATE babies, just the process of making a baby is SERIOUSLY GROSS & DISTURBING. I get that. I have another friend who won't come near the belly. Won't touch any part of it. In fact, I bumped into her (on purpose) and she freaked out, like I had just propositioned her for sex. She recoiled in disgust. I have not done it again since, but boy do I want to!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weeks 36, 37, & 38

Pregnancy: This post started at 36 Weeks, 90% cooked. But at 38 Weeks, we are 95% cooked.

Weight Gain: I had gained 38 pounds at 36 weeks. And for real, that was the last time I weighed myself. I am no longer interested at all. 

Measurements: My uterus is measuring right on track each week. Nice! And her head was already down at 36 weeks! At this point we are starting to guestimate her weight - right around 7 pounds last week.

Sleep: Yea no. Last night I didn't at all. Seriously not even exaggerating at all. I even tried adding another pillow - making the total 5. Between my knees, under the belly, behind my back, and two for my head. The bed looks inhabited all the time - there is almost a third person in there... in the bed, not my belly. And now I snore. Great. 

Cravings: I eat a lot of cereal. It is my dessert every night. Otherwise, I am avoiding foods because the heartburn sucks. I have gone through almost 600 TUMS in the last few months.  

Feeling: My back just started hurting full time. My lower back just feels tight. I have tried better sneakers. My back just hurts.

Movement: All the time. 

What's going on inside the belly:  

Last 3 weeks: You do know that all the information I give you here is from my phone right? None of it is exact or about me at all. But she is gaining weight. That's all. Getting plumper and gaining some insulation for when she decides to make her grand entrance. 

What's going on outside the belly:  We have had our last baby shower. And we are seriously getting ready for Baby Girl to show up. So many things got crossed off the list this week!

Sunday into Monday this week was very exciting. We went to birthing class Sunday afternoon. Started having contractions. I tried to sleep them off. We went to the hospital Monday morning. We were sent home 2 hours later. And I was told to rest. The afternoon was blissfully uneventful by comparison. Thank goodness. I have been having slight contractions all week. They are consistent and come at regular intervals (at times) but not strong enough to do anything productive. 

I am trying to make time for myself and do things I love. See people I love. Talk to people I miss. And take care of my ankles and back. I am trying to keep the backache down and the swelling down. But it is so hard. Next week we are talking about bedrest....


I think it is time to show you our to do list before baby girl gets here. We realize that this list is not complete but I googled some things we need to do. And it keeps getting longer and shorter. So not so bad. And I have been crossing things off the list too. 
  • purchase furniture
  • pick paint color
  • paint baby's room
  • reorganize the closet
  • assemble furniture
  • throw away things we don't need (I actually did this!!!!!!!!!)
  • decorate the room
  • hang photos
  • find a pediatrician 
  • find a lactation specialist (there is one at the hospital)
  • get a car seat
  • install car seat
  • get clothing
  • get diapers and diapering supplies
  • get wipes
  • get a diaper bag for me
  • get a diaper bag for Matt
  • get a stroller
  • wash everything
  • get a mattress pad for our bed (gross)
  • tour the hospital
  • sign up for a class (an express class without all the videos)
  • sign up for a breastfeeding class (or with the personal consultant)
  • FINISH LEAVE PAPERWORK (sick, union, disability)
  • pack a hospital bag (for me, Baby, and Matt)
  • make a contact list for someone else to send out when Baby Girl arrives
  • make plans with the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles for when Baby Girl arrives
  • find a dog-sitter for Misty & Bones who can stay on the fly
  • clean out the freezer
  • impatiently wait for Baby Girl to arrive