Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Belly

There are a number of different reactions I get to being pregnant. And they cover the whole spectrum of human emotions.

Let's start with the obvious.

People who gush, but only over the belly!
All these people want to do is touch your belly and rub your belly. And they are not going to ask first. As the mother, you are the vessel creating the baby, and nothing else. It is like touching a Tupperware container. Like really? Who cares about touching Tupperware? No one. These friends don't even talk to you anymore, just your growing belly. They think that baby is going to remember them once the baby is out. Baby Girl won't. She hears your voice sporadically. She won't remember you, because you aren't me or her Daddy. Wah wah.

It is ALMOST okay when these people are your family. But even then, I am still here. And I still count.

People who respect the belly!
Most people fit into this category. You still talk to me. And you talk to me about me: how I am feeling (both baby and me related). And then AFTER talking to me, SOMETIMES you ask if you can touch the belly.

People who are wary of the belly...
My students are the majority of this category. The belly makes them nervous. I mean, it keeps growing out of nowhere. It came out of nowhere and everyday it gets a little bigger and more intrusive into their lives. And it's distracting when she kicks during class - and then I put my hand on the belly where she is hanging out. They can't really see her kick - you have to be paying attention.

Seriously. 1000% grossed out by a baby belly. I mean seriously - I am converting food into a person. INSIDE MY BODY! Normal people convert food into energy, fat, and poop. But me? I am making a person. It is unnatural.

Someone I love very much wrote this "every time you try to let me feel the baby I get uncomfortable and make a joke." She goes on to tell me that she doesn't actually HATE babies, just the process of making a baby is SERIOUSLY GROSS & DISTURBING. I get that. I have another friend who won't come near the belly. Won't touch any part of it. In fact, I bumped into her (on purpose) and she freaked out, like I had just propositioned her for sex. She recoiled in disgust. I have not done it again since, but boy do I want to!!!

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