Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weeks 36, 37, & 38

Pregnancy: This post started at 36 Weeks, 90% cooked. But at 38 Weeks, we are 95% cooked.

Weight Gain: I had gained 38 pounds at 36 weeks. And for real, that was the last time I weighed myself. I am no longer interested at all. 

Measurements: My uterus is measuring right on track each week. Nice! And her head was already down at 36 weeks! At this point we are starting to guestimate her weight - right around 7 pounds last week.

Sleep: Yea no. Last night I didn't at all. Seriously not even exaggerating at all. I even tried adding another pillow - making the total 5. Between my knees, under the belly, behind my back, and two for my head. The bed looks inhabited all the time - there is almost a third person in there... in the bed, not my belly. And now I snore. Great. 

Cravings: I eat a lot of cereal. It is my dessert every night. Otherwise, I am avoiding foods because the heartburn sucks. I have gone through almost 600 TUMS in the last few months.  

Feeling: My back just started hurting full time. My lower back just feels tight. I have tried better sneakers. My back just hurts.

Movement: All the time. 

What's going on inside the belly:  

Last 3 weeks: You do know that all the information I give you here is from my phone right? None of it is exact or about me at all. But she is gaining weight. That's all. Getting plumper and gaining some insulation for when she decides to make her grand entrance. 

What's going on outside the belly:  We have had our last baby shower. And we are seriously getting ready for Baby Girl to show up. So many things got crossed off the list this week!

Sunday into Monday this week was very exciting. We went to birthing class Sunday afternoon. Started having contractions. I tried to sleep them off. We went to the hospital Monday morning. We were sent home 2 hours later. And I was told to rest. The afternoon was blissfully uneventful by comparison. Thank goodness. I have been having slight contractions all week. They are consistent and come at regular intervals (at times) but not strong enough to do anything productive. 

I am trying to make time for myself and do things I love. See people I love. Talk to people I miss. And take care of my ankles and back. I am trying to keep the backache down and the swelling down. But it is so hard. Next week we are talking about bedrest....


I think it is time to show you our to do list before baby girl gets here. We realize that this list is not complete but I googled some things we need to do. And it keeps getting longer and shorter. So not so bad. And I have been crossing things off the list too. 
  • purchase furniture
  • pick paint color
  • paint baby's room
  • reorganize the closet
  • assemble furniture
  • throw away things we don't need (I actually did this!!!!!!!!!)
  • decorate the room
  • hang photos
  • find a pediatrician 
  • find a lactation specialist (there is one at the hospital)
  • get a car seat
  • install car seat
  • get clothing
  • get diapers and diapering supplies
  • get wipes
  • get a diaper bag for me
  • get a diaper bag for Matt
  • get a stroller
  • wash everything
  • get a mattress pad for our bed (gross)
  • tour the hospital
  • sign up for a class (an express class without all the videos)
  • sign up for a breastfeeding class (or with the personal consultant)
  • FINISH LEAVE PAPERWORK (sick, union, disability)
  • pack a hospital bag (for me, Baby, and Matt)
  • make a contact list for someone else to send out when Baby Girl arrives
  • make plans with the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles for when Baby Girl arrives
  • find a dog-sitter for Misty & Bones who can stay on the fly
  • clean out the freezer
  • impatiently wait for Baby Girl to arrive

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  1. I was just thinking it was time for an update on Baby Girl. Sounds like you're definitely ready! I can't wait for her to arrive. I was just checking the calendar for when I can come visit this spring... Looking forward to baby holding!