Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weeks 34 & 35

Oh lord only 6 5 weeks left!!! So exciting!!!

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks, 85% cooked!!!... 35 weeks, 87% cooked

Weight Gain: I have gained 35 pounds total now.

Measurements: This is my last week without a doctor's appointment. After this week, we go back every week. 

Sleep: Yea no. My hips & legs fall asleep. So I have to wake up and roll over. And my heartburn wakes me up in the middle of the night. Last night I slept with the bottle of TUMS in my bed. That's right, it was in between Matt & I in bed. 

Cravings: I really still want fried food. And sweets. But they make the heartburn so much worse. 

Feeling: These are not my legs. They are swollen. From the knees down they are not familiar at all. 

Movement: All the time. This answer hasn't changed at all. She moves constantly. And she is all over my belly. There are times when she kicks high, and times when she kicks low. She is very active during 3rd period, and again from dinner to bedtime. 

What's going on inside the belly:  

Week 34: 
She weighs about 4.75 pounds (like a cantaloupe) is about 18 inches long. She is getting plump. That is all she is responsible for in these last few weeks. 

Week 35: She weighs about 5.25 pounds (like a honeydew melon) is more than 18 inches long. 

What's going on outside the belly:  I have worked my last event at school. At this point my only job is to teach my classes and finish my sub plans (they are on the way to being done). 

I think it is time to show you our to do list before baby girl gets here. We realize that this list is not complete but I googled some things we need to do. And it keeps getting longer and shorter. So not so bad. And I have been crossing things off the list too. 
  • purchase furniture
  • pick paint color
  • paint baby's room
  • reorganize the closet
  • assemble furniture
  • throw away things we don't need (I actually did this!!!!!!!!!)
  • decorate the room
  • hang photos
  • find a pediatrician (we I have been interviewing candidates all week. And I found some good ones!!!)
  • find a lactation specialist (there is one at the hospital)
  • get a car seat
  • install car seat
  • get clothing
  • get diapers and diapering supplies
  • get wipes
  • get a diaper bag for me
  • get a diaper bag for Matt
  • get a stroller
  • wash everything
  • get a mattress pad for our bed (gross)
  • tour the hospital
  • sign up for a class (an express class without all the videos)
  • sign up for a breastfeeding class (or with the personal consultant)
  • FINISH LEAVE PAPERWORK (sick, union, disability)
  • pack a hospital bag (for me, Baby, and Matt)
  • make a contact list for someone else to send out when Baby Girl arrives
  • make plans with the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles for when Baby Girl arrives
  • find a dog-sitter for Misty & Bones who can stay on the fly
  • clean out the freezer
  • test recipes 
  • fill the freezer with ready to go meals - no prep work left.
  1. Lentil Soup
  2. Pot Roast
  3. Chicken & Roasted veggies
  4. Chicken Pot Pie

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