Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Moon in Atlantic City

No lie, I thought I had already posted this... Apparently not. I hadn't uploaded any pictures or read it (since I wrote it on my phone). But my bad.

After the baby showers a few weekends ago, Matt thought that we might need a getaway. So we did. We drove up to Atlantic City. And we spent two nights there just enjoying ourselves.

We stayed at a new hotel, The Revel.  We had an Oceanside room. And it was beautiful.  Of course, there was a lot of crazy technology on the room. A remote that controlled everything from the TV to the temperature and lamps. I turned off all the lights from inside the bed. Huzzah.

So let's see here. We walked through the casino. It was also beautiful. The was some gambling. We started why black jack. Matt lost every time I was sitting with him. But when I was playing, I tripled my 30. Not bad, not bad.

We wanted to watch football. The 49ers were playing. And it was football. But the big networks were all out. In the city. Crazy right? So we got some dinner and uploaded the game onto or phones. But they figured it out and then they had to reset all the tvs manually. Crazy right? Can you believe that the Harbaugh brothers are playing each other in the Superbowl? Awesome!

After the game, I passed out. Matt went back down and played some more. But I slept for 10 hours.

Monday was MLK day and inauguration day. Matt went to the gym (shocker) and I monitored the President, I thought he did a great job. We grabbed breakfast and took a walk on the boardwalk. It was beautiful and sunny. But I walk really slowly and it drives Matt nuts, but next time he can be pregnant with a baby pushing on his diaphragm. We walked past Johnny Rockets on the boardwalk. Matt & I started dating 8.5 years ago in spite of that Johnny Rockets. And it happened right after I fractured my elbow on the last trip to AC.

So we headed back and he went looking for poker while I saw the VP and President sworn in again. After lots of reading, watching the ocean, and napping, I went looking for my husband. We each lost or money at craps and won it all back and then some at separate blackjack tables. Then off to dinner. We went to a whiskey place and had amazing food. Duck fat fries, whiskey sour, chicken sandwich, great beer, and a rum punch. Followed by a Jameson milkshake and chocolate cake. It was my birthday dinner! and delicious.

Then we went back up the room to relax for a bit. We had every intention of going back down to the casino. But Matt fell asleep :) Seriously. Not me. I woke him up and asked if he wanted to go back down. I was still awake... But nope. He was still sleeping. 

Tuesday we had to go home. We had to pick up the dogs by noon. So we got up nice and early, but still sleeping in compared to going to work, and we were off. We were home in time to get two happy and CLEAN dogs!!! Totally worth it!

So that was our last hurrah as a twosome. 

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