Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weeks 31 & 32

Pregnancy: 32 Weeks, have come and gone. CRAZY!

Weight Gain: Actually, and this is weird... I didn't gain any weight the first week. I was still at 27 pounds. I was higher at one point during these weeks, but then I had a few great poops. But now I am at 28 pounds. No worries. The Doctor said my weight gain and plateau was fine. And nothing to worry about.

Measurements: The uterus is measuring 31.5 cm. But I am feeling mighty round. Look how big I am compared to 5 weeks ago. Craziness. Serious. Craziness.

Sleep: I remember it. I used to be good at it. Recently, I wake up in the night because my legs are falling asleep. And it doesn't feel good. So I get up and stand up. Then go back to bed.

Cravings: I like to eat. But still nothing weird.

Feeling: My legs hurt. And I need a haircut. Bad. Does that have anything to do with how I feel?

Movement: all the time. She has this one trick she likes a lot. She likes to push her back up against my stomach so my whole uterus feels hard. It is a little bit uncomfortable. She likes to do this a few times a day. The first time, it was seriously painful. But I learned a trick - GRAVITY! If I lay on my back for a few minutes, she settles back into my body.

What's going on inside the belly:  

Week 31: 
She weighs 3.3 pounds (about 4 naval oranges - only awkward because I ate so many this week). And she is about 16 inches long. Good thing she is folded in half still. But we are moving in for the final growth spurt.

Week 32: She weighs 3.75 pounds (about the size of a jicama - not that I know what that means). And she is 16.7 inches long. Oh and PS - this is when she has toenails, fingernails, and peach fuzz on her head.

What's going on outside the belly:  

We had our first two Baby Showers this week! They were wonderful. My department at work hosted the first one. And my best friend Colleen hosted the second. They were so much fun and I felt so loved.

I think it is time to show you our to do list before baby girl gets here. We realize that this list is not complete by any stretch of our imaginations, but it's a start.
  • purchase furniture
  • pick paint color
  • paint baby's room
  • reorganize the closet
  • assemble furniture
  • throw away things we don't need (I actually did this!!!!!!!!!)
  • decorate the room
  • hang photos
  • find a pediatrician
  • find a lactation specialist
  • get clothing (we got a lot at the Baby Showers)
  • get diapers and diapering supplies
  • wash everything
  • get a mattress pad for our bed (gross)
  • tour the hospital
  • sign up for a class (maybe)
  • pack a hospital bag (for me, Baby, and Matt)
  • find a dog-sitter for Misty & Bones who can stay on the fly
  • clean out the freezer
  • test recipes 
  • fill the freezer with ready to go meals - no prep work left.
  1. Lentil Soup
  2. Pot Roast

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  1. Do you have a good recipe for Lentil soup? I am starting to think about freezing foods for when our little girl arrives.