Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby Shower Numero Uno

I have a very clear policy with myself. Don't talk about work on the blog. I never mention them at all. This blog is not about my job. For a few reasons too. First, the blog is about my husband and I, and we don't work together. Second, this blog is not a forum for saying negative things. I feel like everyone goes home and complains about work. But that is not why you are here. And most importantly, talking about work is completely unprofessional. I don't like talking about work in writing ever. Not in email, not in text, and definitely not here.

But today. Those rules are gone! I work with 10 amazing people. 9 women and 1 man. And we have a lot of fun. They surprised me big time and threw my first Baby Shower this past week! We went to one of my favorite breweries, Dogfish Head, for lunch and had a wonderful time!

We played some great games - they each had to make a baby out of clay, a trivia game, and the poopie diaper game.

Okay let's talk trivia. They were asked 11 questions about the Baby, Mattl, & I. And I thought I would share some of the answers with you. Some of these answers are right and most are funny.

  1. Nursery theme? Baby animals, books, reading, Disney characters, turtles, quilts, bears
  2. Food cravings? Beer, salami, chocolate, peanut butter, pizza, fried food
  3. Strange rituals during pregnancy? rubbing the belly, "there's a lot of strange things about Deb," crying, washing hands tons, going to bed
  4. Zodiac sign? Aries, Pisces, Aquarius
  5. How many times do I pee? 15, 13, 8, 9, 10
  6. # of kids we want? 3, 2, 17 (thanks Joe)
  7. Where did we meet? at school
  8. Favorite pregnancy restaurant? Dogfish, Founding Farmers, Chili's
  9. I didn't like this question. SKIP
  10. My favorite part of pregnancy? Boobs, gas, food, crying on demand, taking pictures of my tummy, baby kicks
  11. My least favorite part of pregnancy?  Sweaty feet, getting dressed, gas, heartburn, morning sickness, feeling fat, not drinking enough beer

I could not work with a better and more caring group of people. They are very supportive and loving. It was also just great to be out of the building with them for food and drinks. And yes, I did have half of a beer. And a large glass of water and a ginger ale.

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