Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby Girl's Room

We have been working on Baby Girl's room for a few weeks now. Slowly but surely. Actually, I can tell you that it has been about 9 weeks to be sure. We started by picking out two colors right before we found out she was a precious girl.  And to be honest, I wanted the purple regardless of her gender. The green, was just green. But the purple felt right.

So Matt started painting. I did the swatches and that was about all the smell I could handle. Thankfully, my husband is wonderful and understood that this meant he would be handling all the painting. Both coats. 

And he is a wonderful painter! The purple is GORGEOUS! I adore it!

Once the painting was done, Matt started to change the outlets. He found safety plugs that we are slowly replacing throughout the house. They have something in them that prevents kids from sticking anything but a plug into the outlet. There is some kind of plastic behind it, and all the holes need to be depressed at the same time.

Then it was on to the closet. We bought an organizer. All we had to do was decide where the shelves were going. Sounds easy right? But we figured it out. And then we figured out that the ceiling was really sloped... not level at all. Seriously like whoa.

Then we started putting things in their place. I tried a number of different arrangements. We knew that the dresser (with changing pad on top) would go underneath the shelf that Gerry made along the wall in front of the door. But everything else was debatable. I tried the twin bed in a few different places, but it made the most sense in between the dresser and window.

Then it was on to decide about the books. Baby Girl has a lot of books already - and she can't read at all! I had a bookcase, a shelf, two wicker baskets, and a set of cloth baskets. Misty decided that I should wait and make that decision once the rocker glider was there so we could see how it would all fit.

Fast forward a week or so and Matt was very productive! Our furniture came in!!! And then he had the whole thing assembled before I came back from running errands.

The crib? Assembled!

The rocker glider? Assembled!

The baby's room? Almost done!

What's left? You know, the stuff we don't have yet.
I need to:
  • put photos up on the walls
  • sheets in the crib
  • fill the dresser/closet with clothing, blankets, diapers, diapering stuff
  • getting rid of Ernie & Bert (see above photo). They were from school; the students made them for homecoming and I didn't know where I was going with the room, so I figured we could try it for now and then change our minds. 
And all the other things that I don't even know about yet because I don't have a baby yet. But no worries - I have great friends who are helping me figure things out. (Thanks Lesley for pointing out that we will need a laundry basket in here too.)

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