Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I love birthdays. But I am AWFUL at remembering other people's. Regularly. I forget to call. I called my best friend two days late, because I wrote her birthday on the wrong day in my calendar... and my mom? This year I facebooked her and then forgot to call. I am seriously awful. Especially when my family and so many of my friends are so great about contacting me.

It makes me feel awful.

And then there are my siblings. They are too funny.

Take my brother. He and I have the same sense of humor. And he has the best way of wishing someone a happy birthday without making you feel old and fat. I mean. Yes. I mean. Ummmm. No just kidding. This note sums up our relationship. Love and teasing and love.

And then switch gears. Get a box of tissues. And get ready for this card from my sister.

The 30 Best Things About My Sister
In Honor of Her 30th Birthday
  1. My sister refuses to quit.
  2. My sister doesn't fight when it isn't worth fighting for.
  3. My sister has a smile that lights up her whole face.
  4. My sister is loyal.
  5. My sister thinks things through.
  6. My sister loves deeply with her whole heart.
  7. My sister hates letting people down.
  8. My sister laughs often.
  9. My sister is funny.
  10. My sister lets you be different.
  11. My sister respects others.
  12. My sister lets go of the past.
  13. My sister teaches me.
  14. My sister worries about other people.
  15. My sister lets others make mistakes.
  16. My sister gives great advice.
  17. My sister teases without insult.
  18. My sister tries.
  19. My sister protects others.
  20. My sister enjoys other people's happiness.
  21. My sister cooks.
  22. My sister understands the power of a cupcake.
  23. My sister calls because she hasn't called lately.
  24. My sister allows others to work things out on their own.
  25. My sister is always there for you if you need her.
  26. My sister makes you laugh so hard you cry.
  27. My sister fixes problems.
  28. My sister offers solutions.
  29. My sister goes out of her way to take care of you if you're sick.
  30. My sister goes for it.

  • My sister converts food into human
  • My sister built forts
  • My sister gives great hugs
  • My sister warns you to leave when she farts
  • My sister does her best.
  • My sister blogs.
  • My sister lets you babble about things she doesn't care about, because you do.
  • My sister is honest.
  • My sister has a great bitchface.
  • My sister doesn't judge often and when she does, it's funny.
  • My sister includes.
  • My sister trusts you to get your shit done.
Mostly, I'm blessed to have you as my sister.  You're the only birth sister I'll ever have, and damn, did I get lucky.  Hopefully, I can be half the sister to you that you are to me.  Happy thirtieth birthday to my amazing, inspiring sister.

Okay - it's me again. I cried when I read that email from her. I mean, how could I not. Sarah & I have a relationship marked by roller coasters. We love and hate and love and love and hate and love again. I screamed at her two nights ago because I had to update the OS on my computer (which is still a very old OS by today's standards) and therefore I lost my programs and can't download new ones because my OS is still too old. She took my screaming in stride, and then told me I was scaring her, but came up with a solution for me nonetheless. 

While my brother and I coast through life experiencing whatever is in front of us, and enjoying most of it; my sister is a completely different person. She is beyond thoughtful and insightful. Especially when you don't want her to be. 

And back to the topic at hand... how am I ever going to live up to this email? My brother? I can call his ass at midnight and wish him a Happy Birthday. In fact, I was surprised he didn't do that this year. But grateful. Very grateful. But my sister? How will I ever be able to live up to her standards?

So I make a resolution. For my 30th birthday, the only present I want, is one that I have to give. I want to make the people with who I surround myself to know and feel cherished in the way that I actually cherish them. I want you to know that I love you. And that even though I haven't called recently, or emailed, or sent you a card in who-knows-how-long, I love you very much. 

I guess this isn't really a birthday post at all is it?
Here is the traditional stuff someone might write...
I did have a wonderful birthday on Monday. I spoke to my Grandparents the night before, always a treat! And made our first plans for this summer with Baby Girl. On my actual birthday? I received cards from two of my wonderful friends at work, as well as flowers and baby unrelated items. Shout outs for cupcake related gifts!!! After school, my Chanukah present for Matt came - a cleaning service. It was awesome! And my husband both made my favorite sandwich (meatball sub) and then cleaned up! I got a card that mentions farts. And roses. And sappy cards. And gift cards. And 3 beautiful pairs of earrings. A box filled with randoms. And a back-rub. I spent time putting things away in the nursery.

I didn't expect to freak out about turning 30. It's just a number. And it's not a very big number at that. I mean, imagine 75. That's a really big number. And this is the first birthday that I did not make a HUGE deal out of. I didn't do a countdown at all. Not because I was dreading it. But because I haven't really had the opportunity to think exclusively about myself in about 7 months. Everyone says having a child changes your life. But it also changes your perspective. It's weird and refreshing. 

So Happy Birthday to me. May my life be filled with family and friends. And love. And may I have make lots of opportunities to share that love with the people that I cherish. Which will be really easy this weekend! Expect a post on that next week! Yay showers!!! 

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