Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A desk catastrophe

Over the last five years (since we moved in) I have had 5 different desks. And every time, I have not used it. The first desk I bought when I moved to Maryland (8 years ago) and I used it for the first 3 years, in the apartments. Then it didn't matter how messy I was, because Matt was only there from time to time and it wasn't ever for very long. But I didn't use it effectively. It was for storing stuff.

When we moved in together, Matt stole that desk. Really quick. He used it for years. I had a table in the extra bedroom (the room where stuff went to die) that I didn't use... then I inherited Gerry's desk. I tried to use it. I tried really hard. For a year I tried and held onto that desk. But it never worked for me. The laptop was too big, the desk was too narrow. And it was a desk...
I kept going back to working at the dining room table. It is a large space and I can spread everything out. 

So Matt had a brainwave. We found a desk solution that should have worked for us. There was a desk at IKEA with a bookcase in the middle. Matt's major complaint was that I used all my desks as storage. So this solution was perfect because the two desk areas were separated by a bookcase. Storage and a large workspace. 

Which brings us to current day. I have been using this desk setup for a while, but not effectively. And not the way Matt intended. My side was always full. Matt's side was always spotless. I drove him nuts. I drive him nuts. I am a mess.

Matt is very solution oriented. He wants to be able to solve my mess. He wants to fix my obvious lack of organization. He came up with another solution recently. New solution???


I mean, it is a genius plan! I am being demoted from desk status. And rightfully so. Why should I have a desk if I don't ever use it? I mean, it makes perfect sense. So, we got rid of one side of the desk. And are putting in a bookcase. Almost floor to ceiling storage. With doors to hide all the storage away. And there is so much storage that things were able to be moved from stupid places to more intelligent places.

My stuff is being stored behind closed doors. And both of the bottom cabinets are completely empty so we can store toys for the baby out of sight.

And because I have moved things out of the dining room, half of the bookcase in there is empty again too! So I am using two shelves in the dining room to house my "desk" paraphernalia, including my laptop. Let's talk about genius!

The best part? There are so many empty spaces right now! Everything will keep moving around until we find its ultimate home. Not that I want to fill them all in. In fact, I am loving all the empty spaces because we are adding a person who will bring her own set of toys and stuff to store.

"Final" Pictures? Yes please!

Yea, we know the colors aren't the best. Because the light wood doesn't match the desk. But really, everything in our house is a combination of these two colors. So it happens. And in person, it really isn't that bad. Is that because I am used to it? Nah...

In between the wall and the cabinet, I have storage. From the bottom up, I have my sewing machine. And hanging on the wall above it, I have wrapping paper in a plastic bin. This way I can't purchase too much wrapping paper. If there isn't space in the bin, I can't have it. 

In the cabinet? From the top down:
On the left side, I have the rest of my wrapping supplies (bags, tissue paper, bows). Underneath, and on the top two shelves in the right cabinet, are the fancy things (ice holder, vases, place mats & napkins, Jewish paraphernalia - menorahs and candle sticks). The bottom shelf on the left holds random stuff that I haven't figured out what to do with...

The second row of cabinets house the rest of my quilting supplies. 
The bottom row of cabinets will house the baby's things. Toys, a downstairs changing station, and who knows what else.  

And here is the matching cabinet in the dining room. All the fancy things moved from here to the other cabinet. And the shelf above is coming down and getting thrown away. The top two shelves house the bowls and platters. The bottom two shelves on the left house the Kitchenaid mixer (and extras) and the pressure cooker. They get used the most so they live closest to the kitchen.

On the right, the second shelf down is my "desk." I have the cutlery basket that holds plastic silverware, salt & pepper, paper napkins, and pens. The dogs use the shelf underneath for treats and cookies. And the last shelf holds the rest of our bowls and trivets.

So there you go. Doesn't this make so much more sense? Notice in that last picture I am using the computer on the table. When not in use? I put it away on the "desk" shelf. In fact, I think I am going to get out the place mats and let them live on the table to maintain the "table" parts of the table. That is the only thing Matt wants - to be able to eat dinner with me at the table without making me clear space for him. I think I can make work. Love it!

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