Saturday, September 24, 2011

A healthy update

I did it!  I followed through.  TWICE!

So I posted on Thursday.  Then I worked out!  And I made it all the way through!  Granted, during the 3rd circuit, I was exhausted and didn't make it through all of the repetitions.  I had to breathe!  But I finished!

Friday - I had every intention of working out again with Jillian.  But I fell asleep, and woke up 2 hours later to find my husband home.  I don't remember him coming home.  I was asleep on the couch.  But it was date night (because our responsibilities were canceled due to rain!!).

Saturday morning - I watched TV while I cleaned the house (to make the husband happy) and then I worked out again!  Hello follow through! PS - AND I MADE IT THROUGH ALL OF THE LUNGES!! I hate lunges!  I don't ever feel like I have the spacing right.  But I stuck with it and felt the pain!  Hurrah!

I noticed how much more of my body aches after 2 attempts at this.  Way more than any amount of time I put in at the gym, even when I was going regularly.  Jillian really does have a way with brutally attacking you.  Love it.  And I am going to do this again tomorrow!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A moment of honesty

Two summers ago we went to the beach with a group of our friends.  It was wonderful!  During that week, a picture was taken of me in my bikini that was... how do you say it... well I thought it was less than flattering.  In fact it made me self-conscious of how I looked.  Since getting married (almost two years ago!!!!) actually since before then, well maybe not.  I didn't feel like this getting ready for the wedding, but afterwards it started... Wait, I might be rambling.  For a while now I have felt uncomfortable with how I look.  And it's not a lot of un-comfort, it is just I wish I was less lazy.

Then last Christmas, two family members made a decision & I jumped right on their bandwagon.  I joined Weight Watchers as my only New Year's resolution.  I joined.  I drank the kool-aid.  And it worked for me.  I lost 15 pounds.  But the problem is that once I reached my imaginary target, I fell right off that wagon.  Hard.  And then I ate my way through the summer in a cupcake tasting.  So I am back where I started.

So in response to yesterday's announcement I have made a decision.  In this next cycle I want to exercise (almost) every day.  And starting tonight.  I have two things I will do.  On lazy days, I can devote 20 minutes to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  I have loved that DVD in the past.  In 20 minutes I am completely out of breath and really sweaty.  And the first few times I do it, I can't even complete 20 minutes.  My other option I want to do specifically on Saturdays & Sundays.  I used to be able to wake up and go straight to the gym.  And I loved it.  So I am going to start again.  And on some weekdays too.  I can run on the elliptical for an hour and then lift weights.  And an hour & a half passes. 

So I figure that this is a start.  And if I can do this for a "cycle," you know, about 30 days, then I can make this work for real, you know, as a lifestyle.  And I figure that if I am healthy before my big news becomes more than a fantasy, that I can get back to it faster after it is a reality.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big News

I have been struggling with whether or not to write this.  I go back and forth on whether or not this is public knowledge and information.  And then I thought about the conversations that I have with my friends and family.  Most of them already know about this, some of them don't.  Maybe if I write in a really small font it will be easier to type... no probably not. 

The truth is that Matt & I have been talking about this for almost a year now.  And for the past 9 months we have agreed and been on board.  And now we are trying.  We are trying to turn this foursome into a fivesome. (That's not a real word)  We are two crazy people and two neurotic dogs.  And we are hoping to add to this list.  And what we add will only be a four-legged creature for a little while. 

So we should have big news to announce in the future, maybe soon, maybe not.  When it happens, it happens.  We are as ready as we can be for that moment.  And we are looking forward to it!