Thursday, September 22, 2011

A moment of honesty

Two summers ago we went to the beach with a group of our friends.  It was wonderful!  During that week, a picture was taken of me in my bikini that was... how do you say it... well I thought it was less than flattering.  In fact it made me self-conscious of how I looked.  Since getting married (almost two years ago!!!!) actually since before then, well maybe not.  I didn't feel like this getting ready for the wedding, but afterwards it started... Wait, I might be rambling.  For a while now I have felt uncomfortable with how I look.  And it's not a lot of un-comfort, it is just I wish I was less lazy.

Then last Christmas, two family members made a decision & I jumped right on their bandwagon.  I joined Weight Watchers as my only New Year's resolution.  I joined.  I drank the kool-aid.  And it worked for me.  I lost 15 pounds.  But the problem is that once I reached my imaginary target, I fell right off that wagon.  Hard.  And then I ate my way through the summer in a cupcake tasting.  So I am back where I started.

So in response to yesterday's announcement I have made a decision.  In this next cycle I want to exercise (almost) every day.  And starting tonight.  I have two things I will do.  On lazy days, I can devote 20 minutes to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  I have loved that DVD in the past.  In 20 minutes I am completely out of breath and really sweaty.  And the first few times I do it, I can't even complete 20 minutes.  My other option I want to do specifically on Saturdays & Sundays.  I used to be able to wake up and go straight to the gym.  And I loved it.  So I am going to start again.  And on some weekdays too.  I can run on the elliptical for an hour and then lift weights.  And an hour & a half passes. 

So I figure that this is a start.  And if I can do this for a "cycle," you know, about 30 days, then I can make this work for real, you know, as a lifestyle.  And I figure that if I am healthy before my big news becomes more than a fantasy, that I can get back to it faster after it is a reality.

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  1. Thanks for commenting, I'm glad my workout is just what you needed. I hope you try it out and I hope you love the burn you'll feel! Good luck!