Monday, January 7, 2013

Cloth Diapers

Oh lord have I read and talked to a lot of people about this.

Reasoning? It is not about saving the planet at all. It is a happy bonus coincidence. For me? The cost of diapering a child is too much. And then how about a second child? Forgetaboutit! Not happening! I want to save money (for college). Once we have the diapers, we won't need to buy more. Duh. And we can use the same diapers for the first and second (and maybe third) kid. Only the elastic at the legs might need to be replaced. Not so bad.

Current plan:

Newborn diapers?
We are going to try to use our diapers as soon as they fit. But I am not buying more cloth diapers than we can use. I am not buying any additional extra small sizes - mostly because I bet our kid won't be small at all. Have you seen Reese babies? They are bigguns!

But before our baby fits into our diapers - we are going to use disposables. Because in the beginning, it is just about survival. Parent survival. Making it through each day and each diaper. 

In order to get Matt on board, I had to keep diapering as simple as possible. So I did some research. And I found Bum Genius freetime. I can't wait to have one in my hands to play with. What I know at this point? There is a waterproof outer layer. It is adjustable to three different sizes in terms of crotch length. And four different waist sizes. It also has two absorbent layers attached and permanent on the inside.

Know what else we did to get Matt on board? New fancy washing machine for Chanukah. Front loader. High efficiency. All the bells and whistles. No seriously. It has bells and sings each time you press a button. I wouldn't know about it because I don't know how to use it. He hasn't showed me how to use it. But Matt told me it plays music.

I originally was completely against cloth diapers with inserts because of the extra step. However, for traveling, I think a disposable insert would make the most sense. So I'm thinking about GDiapers. The outsides are reusable and the inserts (while expensive) will make diapering on the go easier. And you can use the outside over and over again and just change the insert. So yea. That's my thought.
Cons? They are not all-in-ones. So we will need different sizes. Which makes me think that they are not the one. That makes it less easy. And less affordable. EPIC LOSS.

So I went back to Bum Genius. Crazy right? And brand consistent? What is that about? So pocket diapers. They are the same on the outside as the other ones. The difference? Instead of having two absorbent layers that are attached, it has a pocket. And it comes with an insert. It shoves right down into the pocket. The reason I am thinking about these ones? Honestly? It is kind of gross... but you can change the insert and reuse the outside diaper. Imagine, just one outside diaper and changing the insert. You could even use the disposable inserts. The only reason for changing the whole diaper? Poop. Chunky stuff.

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