Saturday, January 7, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

I have said it before and I will say it again. I need something to be help accountable for. In the past I have done a good job for a few months, and then something happens and I stop.  I am very good January to April, and then I stop.  For instance:
2009 - I had a wonderful trainer at the gym. I worked out with Kristin twice a week, until I realized I could cancel appointments and then I stopped. 4 months on, 1 month off. Then she switched to another gym and I never saw her again.
2010 - I was a gym rat from January to April. I went a few times a week. I loved it. Then Gerry died. I am not blaming him. It is the only event I can remember from that spring. Maybe I got sick. Who knows.
2011 - Weight Watchers. I lost 15 pounds. I was so happy. I hit my target weight. I thought "why not 5 more?" I put all the weight back on. And I am still paying for the service in the hopes that I start tracking my food and activity again. Also that spring, I took a cupcake decorating class. And then I took a cupcake tour of America last summer too.

Seriously, what was I thinking!

So I know that I have no long term follow through. I can do something for 4 months, but then I fall off the wagon. I love working out. I hate making time for it. Take this morning for instance. I woke up at 10 (hallelujah for sleeping in!!! Matt took care of the dogs before going to the gym. He even set the alarm to get up and go - why can't I do that?). So I woke up at 10. Read in bed for an hour. Got up when Matt got back from the gym. And I have been sitting at my computer reading crap on the internet for the last hour and a half. All the while thinking I have time to go to the gym today before I leave. And now I don't. I always find something else I would rather do. Or I am too tired. Or I don't want to leave the house because I am already home. I know I won't leave and go to the gym.

So what to do? I am going to punish myself the only way I know how. My alarm clock is in the bathroom. That way I have to get up to turn it off. I am sneaky like that. So I am going to set my alarm for an hour before I normally get up. PUNISHMENT! And I am going to work out. I have two plans. Three plans.

1. Option 1. Body Rock TV. Oh it is soooo intimidating! In fact it is the reason for this post! I am going to do their 30 day challenge. I am already 5 days late. So I am right on time.

2. Option 2. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I already know I love it. I have gotten up to level 3 before. And then I stopped. Shocker there. So my plan is to work out with this 3 days a week and in the afternoon. Because I know I will feel successful and that is important to keeping me going!

3. Option 3. Gym time. Let's be honest, it is only an option because I am paying for it. But seriously. On days when I have to stay late at school for sports, it will be a requirement to go to the gym (across the street) and run for 30 minutes. And it is really just my back up plan.

So that is my plan. I have one. That should count for something. But "close only counts when it is a grenade" (Thank you Colleen) so I will be keeping track (weekly) here. So I can hold myself accountable. In the past I have only said I was going to do it. Here I have to check in with myself also!

Body Rock Day 1 - Fitness Test
Do the following moves for 50 seconds and keep track of how many you did. Follow with a 10 second rest. Then start the next move. Total 7 minutes. Perfect because that is how long I have until I need to shower and get going. Even though I still haven't put away my clothing from vacation last week. Eeks.

So here is what I was able to do:
29 Squat Jump
16 Push Ups (and I am out of breath)
10 Burpees (man I hate these)
64 High Knees
25 Switch Lunges (so out of breath)
12 Tuck Jumps
15 Straight Abs (I thought I would be able to do more. But seeing as I couldn't breath, I am still impressed).

I am so sweaty after 7 minutes. I think I read that sweat is fat crying. So take that!
So Day 1 - check!
And I tracked my food today. 
I count today as a win!

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