Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fitness Week 2 - Days 1-3

W2D1 – Sunday, January 15 – Jillian Michaels Level 2
So I did it. I walked away from the computer and worked out. Follow through. HIGH FIVE to me! And then I was thinking that it would be interesting to see what I was able to do the last time with the same workout. So I put last week's number in parenthesis after what I could do today.

So here is what I was able to do: #1st set – exercise – 2nd set
1st circuit 
7 (5) – walking planks – 7 (5)
27/5lbs (15/3lbs) – static squat & dumbbell rows (open) – 15/5lbs (17/3lbs)
high knees/mountain climbers
15 each – crunch alternating leg lift (didn't count last time)
2nd circuit
 22/5lbs (16/3lbs) – lunge & dumbbell row (closed) – 18/5lbs (15/3lbs)
10/5lbs (16/3lbs) – pendulum lunge & hammer curl – 13/5lbs (13/5lbs)
oblique twist / skaters
14 (8) – leg lifts
12 (10) – double crunch
3rd circuit
16/5lbs (15/5lbs)military press & leg extension – 15/3lbs (14/3lbs)
20/3lbs (18/5lbs) – squat & V raise – 15/3lbs (19/3lbs)
plank jacks/ double jump rope
?? (I lost count) (10) plank twists

Oh it hurt so bad. After 2 days no working out. It hurt. I couldn't breathe. It makes so much sense.  I ate like crap, and so much of it. So of course it hurt today. And the breathing was bad news bears. And Matt did the last few exercises with me. He does a lot of these at Soldier Fit (his favorite workout).

Here is to Week 2. And Day 2 of being 29 and making promises I can keep.

W2D2 – Monday, January 16 – Body Rock Day 4
Happy MLK day! We have today off from work, so I slept in until just before 8. It was my day to take out the dogs. Then the dogs went back to sleep and I spent the next 2 hours reading on the internet and updating some of my recipes. I back dated them. I hate when they all show up in one box. Yes I am crazy like that. I have not touched any cake yet today either!
So today's workout - I am going back to Body Rock. It has been too many days without Lisa. I was enjoying JM Level 2 very much, but I like the new exercises in Lisa's workouts.

So here is what I was able to do:
This workout has 4 exercises & 3 rounds.
  1. Burpees – 9/ 8/ 8
  2. Pushups – 17/ 13/ 17
  3. Mountain Climbers – (sets) 35/ 25/ (high knees) 66
  4. Tuck abs (V-abs & hug knees) – 17/ (situps) 14/ (crunches) 29
Oh I haven't started and I know this is going to hurt like hell!
No lie, I got to the end of the third round and I was dead nervous about completing the fourth round. Good thing it doesn't exist. I realized that burpees pull down my pants. Yes I wrote that; while I was doing burpees, I constantly had to pull up my pants. Awkward, yes, especially for me. Also notice that I modified the exercises. I recognized that my arms couldn't maintain, so I modified to exercises I knew I could do and still be working out the same muscles without having to hold my body up at the same time.

Now I am going to add 1 minute of oblique twists and then stretch.
I sweat more with Jillian than with any of Lisa's workouts. And its not because I don't try as hard. I think it may be the difference between 12 minutes and 25. Just something I have noticed more than once.

W2D3 – Tuesday, January 17 – Body Rock Day 5
Today is the 400 rep challenge. Ouch. I am supposed to keep track of my own time. Yikes. And I don’t want to be awake right now.

Here is what I was able to do:
2 exercises 4 rounds – as fast as possible.
75 high knees – 50sec  
25 leg lifts (abs with legs at 90° then straight to above floor)

I didn’t time the abs. I thought I would be unfair to my abs. Whole thing took about 6 minutes. I was attacked my dog kisses at the beginning too. Man I did not want to work out this morning.

And when I weighed myself this morning, it was not pretty. I am throwing away the cake right now. And taking the cupcakes to work. No more of that stuff for me. Now I am on my diet and not breaking it at all. PLAN. I have eaten so much of the cake that Colleen brought for my birthday, and I ate most of it myself. In fact, Colleen might have been the only other person to eat any of it with me. Oh that makes me feel bad.  It was delicious. I love cake.

So no more birthday excuses for bad eating. Everything is back on track and working out.
But the afternoon snacking is rough. I had a half bag of popcorn. I had some Hershey kisses. And a whole bunch of clementines.  But I bought a new water bottle to replace the one I dropped. If you have ever been to my house, you know I have a lot of water bottles. But this one has a straw! And I drink so much faster out of it, ergo I drink more water, ergo I will eat less. It has worked in the past. I can’t wait for it to work tomorrow.
& I tracked my food.

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