Monday, January 9, 2012

Body Rock - Week 1 - Days 1-3

Week 1 Day 1 (W1D1)
Saturday, January 7 - Body Rock Day 1 - Fitness Test
Do the following moves for 50 seconds and keep track of how many you did. Follow with a 10 second rest. Then start the next move. Total 7 minutes. Perfect because that is how long I have until I need to shower and get going. Even though I still haven't put away my clothing from vacation last week. Eeks.

So here is what I was able to do:
29 Squat Jump
16 Push Ups (and I am out of breath)
10 Burpees (man I hate these)
64 High Knees
25 Switch Lunges (so out of breath)
12 Tuck Jumps
15 Straight Abs (I thought I would be able to do more. But seeing as I couldn't breath, I am still impressed).

I am so sweaty after 7 minutes. I think I read that sweat is fat crying. So take that! Umm, and I might be nauseous.
So Day 1 - check!
And I tracked my food today.
I count today as a win!

W1D2 - Sunday, January 8 - exercise - or not
I have a long list of excuses for why I didn't work out today. None of which are worth sharing. They are kind of legit? I organized my desk and put away all the clothing in the basket. And then there was football. And the Steelers lost! Lovely!
So my alarm is set and I am working out tomorrow morning with Jillian and then after school I will do Body Rock before my meeting.
And I tracked my food today.

W1D3 - Monday, January 9 - Jillian Michaels - Level 1
OMG. I was soooo successful this morning! I woke up at 4:45 and worked out with Jillian. My body still hurts like hell from the fitness test on Saturday. But I woke up and thought about resetting my alarm clock, and then told myself to shut up and get moving. So I did. I worked out! And everyone is right, the rest of the day is better if you work out. And I am a morning exercise kind of person.
We will have one problem with this system - Matt and the dogs. But Matt said it would be okay if they climbed in bed with him while I worked out and showered - so crisis averted!

Also, I thought I would have time to work out before my meeting tonight, but the principal will be there so I don't want to go in smelling like the gym.  So I will work out when I get home.

UPDATE - Matt makes more sense than I give him credit for EVER. I haven't worked out consistently in a long time. So working out twice in one day is a BAD PLAN! I will hurt myself. A lot. So I will be doing Day 2 tomorrow morning. And I am happy about this plan.

And I made smart decisions about my snacks and tracked my food today.

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