Sunday, January 15, 2012

29 Years Old hmmmm.

So I made it to 29 yesterday. 1 year short of 30. Are these big milestones?
Last year for my birthday I came to terms with having a baby. Before that birthday I was not ready at all. But sometime around then I changed my opinion and got on board. And this year.
Who knows what will happen this year. 29. Almost 30.

This year I want to work on my follow through. I want to actually do the things I commit to for more than a week.
  1. Take the workouts. They are a perfect example. I have completed the first week. Now I am starting the second week. And I am going to follow through and maintain it. 
  2. I am going to follow through with putting my things away to help make my husband happier. I like him and making him happy so this is something I can follow through for him. 
  3. At work too. I say I am going to work on things and I ignore them completely. It is only somewhat intentional. So I am going to work on having a better attitude about doing things that make other people happy. And being helpful.
 So I made it to 29 and I am going to do this. I am an adult. I can do this. I can take care of myself and the people I can about, and the other people who are nearby on a regular basis.

So first step right now! I am going to get up, walk away from this computer, change my clothing, and workout. Happy Birthday to me!

UPDATE - Thank you to Sarah, my favorite sister. She went looking for a birthday present and wanted to get me something I actually wanted. So she went to Pinterest. Don't know what that is? It is a website that helps you organize everything you love on the internet. Simple as that. I have 37 "bulletin boards" that organize over 1200 "pins" of items I like. Sarah found a beautiful necklace that I pinned. Thank you! I love it!

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