Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fitness Week 3 - Days 4-7

W3D4 – Wednesday, January 25 – Rest.
I did rest. My hamstrings were tight all day today. Every time I tried to sit down, it felt like I was doing squats and my legs protested loudly. But it felt good to know I was working out correctly.

Then I had a problem. It was a migraine. It must have been pretty bad because when Matt & I sat down to watch a movie, after we watched Take Me Home Tonight (it had Topher Grace & Anna Faris, and was all about what happens after college but set in the 80’s)… what was I talking about? Oh yea, so we watched his pick (which he picked because he thought I would like it – it was okay, nothing spectacular except the music!!) he let me pick… whoops! No it was okay. But I was being a jerk and picked the Justin Beiber movie. He didn’t think I was serious, but then there were all these home movies of Justin as a kid, and it was adorable. Then 5 minutes later, Matt was invested. It was hysterical! And very SWEET! I love my hubs. He is the BESTEST and very tolerant.

Anyway. I went to bed early. Had a migraine. Didn’t reset my alarm clock for Thursday morning. Eeks.

W3D5 – Thursday, January 26 – Rest.
Sleeping in felt so good this morning. Whether or not it was an accident. So I rested today. And it was a good thing. Matt is sick. He has a nasty cough and has not felt that great the last few days. I always get sick. So the extra sleep is a really good thing so I don’t get sick.

Now I have a confession to make. I am not working out again tomorrow because I want to make sure I get enough sleep. Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the bus to NYC to meet up with my family. And sitting on a bus with strangers (who probably have cooties) makes me unhappy. Matt is driving up Saturday afternoon, but then I don’t get to spend any time with Janna (my BFF) and that is important to me (and Matt – it was HIS idea to bus me up so I can spend more time with her – he is a thinker!).

W3D6 – Friday, January 27 – Rest.
Yup. I was bad again. Or taking care of myself. You know, it really could be either. I took the bus from DC to NYC today, and the old guy next (was very nice) (and smelled like an old guy) leaned on me for the second half of the trip. So I was grouchy. But I had a healthy dinner of chicken & hummus instead of fast food. That counts.

W3D7 – Saturday, January 28 – Fitness Test again
So I’m in CT visiting my family. And since I took the bus, I didn’t bring my computer. But Matt brought it today! So I can write this stuff up. I didn’t entirely know where I was in the Body Rock stuff. I could have checked the blog… that would have been really smart. Hmm. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. Regular sight, slightly off. So because I didn’t know where I was in the list, and I didn’t have my DVDs, I did the fit test again. I knew it was coming up so I did it.

So here is what I was able to do:
21 (29) Squat Jump
15 (16) Push Ups
11 (10) Burpees (man I hate STILL these)
70 (64) High Knees
20 (25) Switch Lunges
14 (12) Tuck Jumps
14 (15) Straight Abs

My numbers are mostly the same. That’s interesting. Or slightly lower. I wouldn’t have thought that would be the outcome. Not at all. Let’s see here – some of the differences… I was jumping on hardwood floors, and that kinda hurt my knees. But that could also be the shoes I have been having problems with. They hurt the outsides of my feet. I was working out in front of my family? I don’t normally workout with an audience. But if that was a problem, I didn’t think it was at the time.

I am just going to take these numbers and go with them and not be upset.

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