Friday, May 24, 2013

Shift change

Dear Eliana,

Next week you are in for a shock. On Tuesday I am going back to work. We have spent the last 9 weeks together almost exclusively. As crazy as it sounds, we do in fact speak the same language. The problem is that your Dad, who is picking up the shift for the next three weeks, speaks a slightly different language. Especially overnight. He has been trying really hard this week on the overnight shift. But you are killing him! That man loves you a lot but hates it when you trick him into sleeping on the couch. You know that you don't have to sleep in either the bouncy chair or the swing. So stop screwing with him. That's not nice. And honestly it will come back to bite you when you bring home a boy for the first time. I'm just saying. Seriously that man needs a good, no a great night's sleep. Cut him some slack. He knows what he is doing. I trust him with my life, so I promise that you can trust him with yours.

And seriously it's just mean that I can feed you, burp you, and get you back sleep in 20 minutes. You shouldn't make him work for 45. That's just mean spirited.

I mean it. Cut it out. Be nice to him. He is the best father you will ever have. EVER. And he is working very hard.

And even I make mistakes. Like right now. We are using a diaper insert for a burp cloth. It is super absorbent! Don't mock me.

So to recap. I'm going back to work on Tuesday. You are staying home with Daddy. He is capable and awesome. I will get to play with you all afternoon. You are going to let him get a great night's sleep. Every night. Okay at least twice during the week. And don't haze him, it's just not nice.

Love you always

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