Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I have always loved Mother's Day. Just because of how lucky I am to have the mother I do. My mother is intelligent, caring, supportive, strong, and loving. She has welcomed every one of my friends into her home as if they were family; even the ones who didn't deserve it. She has shown me all the ways I can be successful in my life and then let me figure out how to do it my way. She held my hand when I needed it and left it available to me even after I rejected it. My mother is a truly remarkable woman.

And now that I am a mother also, the pressure is on. I want to be as great a mother to my daughter as my mother was (and still is) to my siblings and me. I want to be there for her and still allow her to find her own way. I want to teach her how to be a strong woman, to stand up for what she believes in, to look out for the people around her in addition to the people she cares about. I want my daughter to grow up curious and inquisitive. I want her to explore.

And I want to have the relationship that I have with my mom when we are older. I want to be her best friend. I want to love the person she grows up to be.

I love my mother to the moon and back. I wouldn't be anything worthwhile without her love. I wouldn't be competent without the lessons she helped me teach myself. She is a truly incredible woman. And I am lucky to have known her. But more so, I am lucky to be her daughter.

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