Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meeting the Families

Over the last few weeks, Eliana has met most of her family. She has met her Reese family, and she has met her Stamford family. She has not met her extended Stone family - that is happening this summer.

So a few weekends ago Eliana met her Reese family. We went to Grandma Linda's for Linner or was it Dunch? Anyway. We were there for a late lunch. Eliana was able to meet so many of her extended family members. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Eliana met her Great-Uncles & Aunts. She met 4 of her second cousins, or maybe they are once removed... who knows. And she was a little angel throughout the afternoon. She let everyone hold her. She wants to apologize for spitting up on Carrie. Her Great Uncles were thrilled to feed her. It was a lovely afternoon!

The following weekend she traveled to CT to meet the Stamford family. Her Nana & Grandpa's friends. It was also her time for her Baby Naming. It is a ceremony introducing her to the Jewish people. It was her turn to enter into the covenant.

It was a huge event. There were about 50 people there... overwhelming much? But it was lovely to see so many friends and "family" (you know the family that you don't share any blood with). It was lovely.

Over the summer, we are traveling for Eliana to meet her Great-Grandparents! We can't wait!!!!

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