Monday, November 26, 2012

Congrats to Peter & Roxanne!

You know how every family has a group of family friends that you grew up with, who aren't actually family because you share no blood, but they are family? This is one of those families. So let's start from the beginning.

When I was 9, we moved from Texas to Connecticut. Let's avoid the traumatizing part. On the first day of 4th grade, we were asked to bring in something that represents ourselves. I brought in the pillowcase that my friends from Dallas had decorated (that I still have by the way, even though I only talk to one of those girls now). One of the boys in the class brought in an entire large brown bag of Legos. And that is my first memory of Dan.

And then things got weird. Did you know? Well of course you don't! I haven't told you yet. Duh. Dan's family lived in Dallas too. Right down the street from my elementary school. But they moved much earlier than we did. Dan & I were in 4th through 12th grades together. Classes together all through middle school and 9th & 10th grades. Then I think our classes changed, he went for science classes, and I went anywhere else.

And Dan had two younger brothers; Peter is a year older than my sister Sarah, and Matt is my brother Dan's age. So long story, somewhat shorter, the 6 of us spent a lot of time together growing up.

Fast forward....17 years? More of less. Peter is about to graduate from GW (where he went with Sarah) and he begins dating a lovely Roxanne. And fast forward again.

We spent the weekend before Thanksgiving celebrating their wedding!

It was a beautiful ceremony and wonderful party. 

One of my favorite parts? Dancing with my hubs! But you know what? Our little baby kept getting in between us! It was the first time we went out dancing and it was different. But she had a wonderful time. And so did we.

 Who doesn't love family like this?
The only problem? I was too busy eating to take a million pictures. Weird right?

Lots of love to Peter & Roxanne! We wish you years of happiness and love!

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