Sunday, September 9, 2012

End of Summer

It's official. Summer has come and gone. We have been back at work for three weeks. Sad face And as much as we loved summer - every second of it - it is nice to be paid again.

I think the end of the summer was the most packed part this year. Last year I think it was the whole thing.

So where was I at the end of the last recap? The beginning of August. Crazy. I can't believe it has been that long! I promise not to let that happen again any time soon. PROMISE!

So back to August. A trip where I left my camera at home. So sad. We went up to CT to visit my family for the first time all summer. Crazy in itself. We all made it home for Shabbat dinner on Friday night. Lovely to spend time together. Saturday we were not celebrating Sarah's birthday. The ladies had mani-pedis (I am still rocking that pedicure amazingly). And my brother and I brought home fried lunch. We spent the afternoon at the outlets and then we went up to Mohegan Sun to not celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Oooh funny story. The four of us, Sarah, Dan, Matt & I were staying overnight at a local hotel that night. And we told them to get their own rooms. Dan found a deal for the same hotel but $75 cheaper than we did. Because it was in a different state. Dan spent the night on the floor next to our bed. Hehe.

So we went out for the most amazing food at Mohegan Sun Saturday night. More food than any of us would choose to eat on a normal night - extra maybe Matt & Dan. There was calamari, flatbreads, gnocchi, flounder, filet mignon, and more. And more girly drinks than Sarah, Alex (her BFF), and Matt could drink.

Mom and Dad went home and we stayed all night playing craps. My favorite. At one point everyone but Matt was up a lot of money. But we kept playing for another 30 minutes. Fun times. We each still made out with more than we put in, except Matt.

Sunday we went out for local diner breakfast - yum! And didn't eat again all day basically. Everyone went home Sunday except me. I stayed in CT until Wednesday.

Monday night I drove back up to Providence to bring Sarah her dog back and go out for dinner. Tuesday night we went into NYC to see the Yankees play the Rangers. We were going to buy tickets to take Dad for Father's Day and this was the first date we could go - and then he got us better seats than we could buy from work. No lie - it was AWESOME! Wednesday I went out for lunch with Mom and then went home.

The following week - we went back to work. Sad face. We had 5 days of teacher prep time. I'm lucky this year and I am floating. It means I don't have a classroom to decorate - my least favorite thing to do ever. YAY!!!!

That weekend - in between teacher week and the kids coming back to school - I abandoned Matt and went up to Maine to become a Godmother. I had an amazing weekend visiting with the Nuxoll-Sprague clan and I cannot wait to see them again (hopefully soon). I would have taken a ton of pictures that weekend, but there were a million cameras out. Hopefully I will get some of them???!!!!

That's how we ended the summer. It was wonderful.

Check back next week for something big... wink wink.

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