Monday, August 6, 2012

Mid-Summer Recap

It has been quite a while since we spoke. And quite a lot has happened since then. Although I don't have very many pictures. Hmmmm...

Last we spoke, I had just come home for almost 3 weeks at the beach and Avalyn was brand new. So let's see... where to start?

I think I told you that I didn't come home from the beach because of a nasty storm at home. There were trees all over the roads and on top of some of the neighbor's cars.

Also while I was at the beach, Tim & Sarah bought a house! WITH A POOL!!! So we spent the 4th of July with friends hanging out in the pool. The house is still under construction (thank goodness Matt has somewhere to use his skills! And it isn't in my house anymore!). But every time Matt goes over there, he finds something else that needs to be fixed, and none of them are minor... The house will be beautiful once they get it done.

We also had some friends over a few weeks ago for GAME NIGHT! I love game night. Everyone brings food and we play boys v. girls. We always play Taboo. Matt bought a new version and it felt so much harder, or we didn't know all the answers anymore. Have you heard about a new card game called Cards Against Humanity? My brother gave it to us for Chanukah. It is like Apples to Apples, only it can get very offensive if you play it right. You should check out the link - it is mighty funny.

Then, the last Saturday in July, was the neighborhood pig roast. Our two favorite neighbors have been hosting this for 14 years! Okay so think about this: huge yard, (and from the left to the right) bouncy castle, badminton, corn hole, horse shoes, the pig, the smoker, 4 grills, and 4 long tables filled with food. Think about hanging out with friends in the heat for hours. Another great night with friends.

Oh I forgot. How could I forget!?!?!?! I missed a wedding! Matt & I used to work together at a school in Silver Spring. The school was just opened when we were there and the staff was mostly our age. It was a great time. Always. Over the last few years, we have been going our own ways to other schools and other countries. So when a wedding gives us a reason to celebrate - we all come out. Two years ago Andre moved to Abu Dhabi to teach. But he missed his girl. So he is bringing her with him, but as his wife. Andre & Carolyn had a very moving ceremony surrounded by family and friends and great views of DC. They have about a month in the states before they head back East... to the UAE.

And that was July.
August started a few days ago. We spent the weekend in Lancaster, PA. Every summer for the last few years the boys have gone up there for the first weekend in August. For World Championship of Board Gaming. Matt told me a few weeks ago that I was going this year. Oh? Alright. Okay. So we went. We went on Friday and met Phil & Lauren for some afternoon gaming. We played a few games and had a lot of fun. The main event (and the reason they all go) was on Saturday. For Settlers of Catan. I don't even know what to compare it to... but the boys have been playing it for decades (probably). Every time they see each other, they play. So Saturday, was the real deal competition. There were probably close to 100 people playing too. 3 rounds of open play. I won my first game! 2nd in the second game, and lost the 3rd game. But Matt - he won all 3 games! And made it to the semifinals!!!!! Oooooooo! And from there he came in 2nd at his game and 6th overall! So exciting!

And then today? We went out to Harper's Ferry for TUBING! Up and down the Potomac River. We went with a few friends from work and Colleen & John. 2 hours floating down the river. Then we stopped for lunch. Yum. And then 2 more hours down the river. Loved it. I don't know why we waited until now to do it! Lovely.

Sorry for the long post. And sorry for avoiding you recently. But I've been busy watching the Olympics. So there. I love it.

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