Monday, July 9, 2012

How big is that?

I made a decision before I went on vacation. This quilt I was working on is going to be the quilt for the XL Twin bed we have in the extra bedroom. That is huge. Way bigger than the lap size quilts I have made already. All of the sudden we are getting much bigger and quickly.

In case you are curious, an XL Twin is 39 x 80 inches. The biggest quilt I have made is 42 x 42. So this is like two quilts put together. That doesn't sound that bad does it?

Here is my sketch. Each square is 9 inches finished and 9.5 unfinished (.25 seam allowance). My quilt will end up being 54 x 90 inches if I use this sketch - which I am kind of attached to at this point. And I don't want to move things around too much...

The shaded gray squares are for my focus fabric. The blue jacks. All the white squares will be individual blocks that I am making as I type. Well not really. You can't sew and type at the same time. Not enough fingers!  

So I will need a total of 40 blocks to fill the white squares... So far? I have 14 done. 1 that is half done. It is right in the middle of the picture. It is made of scraps - and I don't have enough yet. But there will be three or four of that square - if not more. So just you wait. So I have about 26 more to make. Not bad. Plus some of the long strips of focus fabric. But that came in the mail today - so that will be done before dinner!

Long story short? I love this quilt. I especially love that it is hanging on the wall in our dining room. I adore that I have moved the blocks around so many time. I am trying to keep them looking balanced. It is fun. Every time someone comes over, the pieces move again. I also love that if I get frustrated, I can walk away from this quilt, do another project and come back to it without much consequence. 

Here are some of the newest blocks. And some of my favorites. And some of the more interesting ones to look at. And some boring ones for symmetry.

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