Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 14

14 weeks. We are officially in the 2nd trimester! So crazy! I have been reading a few different blogs for the last few months while they were pregs. They had weekly updates and I have picked my fave info from them that I want to share with you.

Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Weight Gain: 3 pounds

Measurements: At my last ultrasound, baby was measuring 4 days early. 8cm head to butt!

Sleep: no issues. I am still sleeping on my belly and enjoying every moment of it!

Cravings: any food I see on TV. I wanted steak fries and a milk shake from Red Robin for 6 weeks. Craving it? Not really. Fixated? Definitely!

Feeling: tired in the evenings, dopey in the evenings.  Excited all day long!

Movement: I can't feel anything yet :(

Next Appointment: Sept 26

Last Wednesday I had an ultrasound. It was a test for something, but nothing that would actually change this pregnancy for us. Really, all I wanted was another opportunity to see my baby. I went in for the ultrasound and my baby is gorgeous! I might be biased. Like a lot. Anyway, back to the story. So I was there to have my baby measured, but the little devil just wouldn't sit still. Every time the tech was about to take a photo, my baby kicked and pushed off the uterus walls like s/he was jumping on a trampoline. How crazy is that?!?! After 25 minutes, she was finally able to get pictures and measure.

So turns out that the problem I am having is that I am eating (hahaha) a bigger snack/meal within a few hours of the ultrasound.
Next week is just a regular monthly checkup. Unless I eat right before the appointment (insert evil laugh here), we should only get to hear the heartbeat and do a few measurements of me.

Share with you next week!!!!

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