Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I told my family.

This is a really long post. But if you have the time, it is totally worth reading all the way to the end. It is a conversation between my brother, sister & I. I share some pretty awesome stuff right there near the beginning. But the conversation is great all the way to the end. And any questions you might have... they definitely asked. And the pics are at the bottom too. 

Daniel: sweet
 me: did that work?
 Sarah: ooh, a group chat
 me: oooooo
  its the best we get
 Sarah: how exciting!
 Daniel: we should do this more often
 Sarah: yes.
 me: for true
 Sarah: i like it even more with video though
 me: so whats the plan for friday/saturday?
 Daniel: I dunno
  depends on work
 me: boring
 Daniel: if I am here past 9
6:10 PM I;'ll get a car to take me Stamford
 Sarah: fancy
 me: ok
 Sarah: we're having lunch at darien social on saturday
 me: very fancy
 Sarah: i want a burger
 me: yum
  i want lobster mac n cheese
 Sarah: then some of us will shop
  i can make that happen monday
 me: and saturda
 Sarah: oh, yes, you can have it twice!
6:11 PM me: twice twice twice!!!!
 Daniel: so what time is dinner
 me: on saturyda? 7pm
 Sarah: on friday? when i get there
  so probably around 8
 Daniel: word
  so I doubt I make friday dinner
  but saturday dinner
6:12 PM I can make
 Sarah: hey, did you find a friend to bring?
 Daniel: so you're trying to shop from 2-7?
  thats so much shopping
 me: probably more 2-6
 Sarah: no, we'll go to the hotel and change clothes and get pretty and stuff
 me: and then hotel and change for dinner
 Sarah: maybe nap
 me: oh i love naps
  i have been napping so much this summer
 Daniel: eff you
 me: you dont mean that
 Sarah: yeah, seriously. gloating is not attractive
6:13 PM me: im not napping for olympic gold
 Sarah: lol
 me: its hard making a baby
 Daniel: does napping make a baby?
 Sarah: i don't know what to say to that
 Daniel: I think I've found the problem
 Sarah: or does that mean something?
 Daniel: thats not how you do it deb
 Sarah: lol
 me: nope, napping is the response to having a kidney bean living in my belly
6:14 PM Daniel: wAIT!?
 Sarah: i'm sorry
 Daniel: ?412?213?213
 me: by saturday it will be the size of a grape
 Daniel: ''/?%!2/
 me: YOU ARE GOING TO BE AN AUNT AND UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I was going to wait until I saw you but I couldnt keep it to myself
6:15 PM Sarah: this is the most exciting ever
 me: thanks!
6:16 PM does mom know? when did you find out? due date? how do you feel?
 me: this is why i wanted to vdieo chat this week
 Sarah: yeah!
6:17 PM information please!
  do you think daniel fainted
 me: no he did the same thing you did
 Sarah: lolol
 me: only he had to run outside
  so you got through first
 Sarah: haha
6:18 PM me: so we found out the saturday right before peter and roxanne's bridal shower
 Sarah: thats a LONG time ago!
 Daniel: AHHH
 me: when mom was down to visit
  and i didn't tell her either
 Sarah: good. i don't like it when EVERYONE keeps secrets
 me: we didn't tell anyone until we went to the doctor
 Sarah: smart.
 Daniel: which was?
 me: we went to the doctor on Aug. 1
6:19 PM and we have a good sized baby
 Sarah: does it already have a reese head?
 me: right on track for being awesome!
 Daniel: when was their bridal shower?
 me: not yet
 Sarah: july 8
 me: july 8/9
 Daniel: ooo
  a march baby
 Sarah: yes, march?
6:20 PM me: so i will be at 9 weeks on saturday
 Daniel: HUGE!
 me: and baby reese is due right before passover
 Daniel: ahhh
 Sarah: so right around matts birthday?
 me: march 16
 Sarah: perfect!
 me: matt is april 18
 Sarah: just enough time between
 Daniel: yeah what a good time
6:21 PM Sarah: so who knows?
 me: well you two now
 Daniel: :)
 Sarah: :-D
 me: mom & dad found out last Thursday
 Daniel: phil mom dad linda?
 me: yup
 Daniel: and this is a secret?
 me: colleen & ken
  and yes this is a secret
 Daniel: oh man
 Sarah: can alex know on saturday? it'll be hard not to be excited!
 me: and no facebook
 Daniel: obv
 me: yes alex can know
 Daniel: can andy?
 Sarah: ok, thanks!
  is andy coming?
 Daniel: can we each get a friend?
 Sarah: lol
 Daniel: not unless we can get the maccabi games cancelled
  its either laura or jay or no one
6:23 PM Sarah: ok
  just curious
 me: yes you can each have a friend
  but i get to approve said friend
 Daniel: well whoever is coming this weekend if its laura or jay
 Sarah: call in a bomb threat, then the games would get cancelled
 me: i told mom she could tell pam
 Daniel: jay is great at keeping secrets
 me: hahaha
  thats fine
 Daniel: and knows no one close to the sitch
 Sarah: this is too exciting!
 Daniel: yeah
 me: YAY!
 Daniel: there goes me concentrating on work fo rlike 2 hours
 Sarah: are you having any pregnancy funniest?
 Daniel: I've got so many things to do
6:24 PM Sarah: funny things?
 me: my farts are very loud
 Daniel: hahahahaa
 Sarah: i knew that
 Daniel: two fart
  in one
 Sarah: hahahaha
 Daniel: not twins right?
 me: and wehn i see something i want to eat, i focus on it until i get it
  it took me 5 days but i got my milkshake
 Daniel: hahaha
 Sarah: hahaha
 Daniel: phew
 me: only one heartbeat
 Sarah: don't they hide sometimes?
 me: you should have seen matt at the drs.
 Daniel: what are you guys planning on knowing?
 me: that was the first thing he asked
 Sarah: haha
6:25 PM me: everything?
 Sarah: one is enough
  we get to know boy or girl ahead of time?
  so i can shop?!?!?!?
 me: of course
  but not until novemberish
 Sarah: ok, fine
  i can buy baby reese chanukah presents!!!!!
 Daniel: if its a boy can it be named Flynn?
  get it!?
6:26 PM Sarah: that is not a jewish name
 Daniel: oh
  I gotta do that
 me: i dont get it
 Daniel: don't name it flynn
  thats mine
 Sarah: he meant flynn stone
 me: hahaha okay...
 Sarah: dummy
 Daniel: fucking patriarchy
 me: hahahahahahaha
 Sarah: like flintstone
 me: thats funny
 Sarah: i'm sure you can find something good for reese dan
 Daniel: yeah I'ma work on it
 Sarah: good
6:27 PM Daniel: did you already rule out star trek names?
 me: UH YES
 Sarah: lol
 me: we arent even talking names yet
 Sarah: what are you talking about at this point?
 me: how bad my farts smell
 Sarah: that is important!
6:28 PM me: how much i am napping
 Daniel: so you can like tell
  that something is growing in your
  right now
 me: we arent telling people until rosh hashanah
 Daniel: that shit isn't sneaking up on you?
 me: no, i dont look pregs
6:29 PM Daniel: Pretend I know nothing about this
 Sarah: ok
 me: yup
  im having problems pooping
 Daniel: thats how you knew?
 me: no i knew when i peed on a stick
6:30 PM Daniel: ohh
  makes sense
 Sarah: what made you want to pee on the stick though?
 Daniel: a birch stick?
 me: i hadnt gotten my period yet
 Sarah: or are you just in the habit of peeing on sticks?
 me: it wasnt late yet
 Sarah: if it wans't late, why did you pee on the stick?
6:31 PM me: bones said it was fun
 Daniel: haha
 Sarah: total side note: did you think stanley tucci was gay?
 Daniel: and you always do what bones says
  total side note
  does anyone know who that is
 me: yup
 Daniel: don't get distracted
 me: who?
6:32 PM Sarah: yup you know who he is, or yup you thought he was gay
 me: oh yea
 Daniel: ughhh this is so hard
  I want to tell everyone
 Sarah: i know@
 Daniel: all the peoples
 me: was there ever any doubt that he was gay?
 Sarah: i have a staff meeting tomorrow morning, and i so want to be like "my positive is that i'm going to be an aunt!"
  he's not gay! he just married emily blunt's sister
  he's in-laws with john krasinski now!
 me: what would have been better? not telling you so you don't have to keep the secret, or telling you and making you keep it a secret
 Daniel: emily blunt!
  I know her
6:33 PM Sarah: TELLING
 Daniel: obv this way
  I was expecting to find out via the blog
  so I can stop reading that
 Sarah: haha
  i like the blog!
 me: hahaha
 Daniel: I got a shout out this time though
 Sarah: if you had said it on the blog i would have maimed you
 Daniel: so you've assuaged my ego
 me: i have a long post about the past month and not telling people
  there is no way i wouldnt have told you myself
  you were going to hear it from me - end of story
6:34 PM Daniel: I knew Sarah was
 Sarah: cause i'm awesome and scary
 Daniel: I'm the irresponsible one
  no this is awesome
  thank you for telling us
  and congratulations
  and all the mazals
 me: thamks
 Daniel: and I'm so proud of you
  and happy for you
  and this is going to be fun on a bun
 me: oh yea
6:35 PM Daniel: I'll start saving
 me: so plan on passover happening here next year
 Daniel: for the paint ball gun
 Sarah: AHHHHH
 Daniel: and the bongs
  thats what you get kids right?
 me: because mom and dad already said that was going to happen
 Sarah: i keep thinking of all the cuteness!!!
  and fat babies
 Daniel: no I'm going to be such a good uncle
  with big ole head
 Sarah: oh no!
  i might be in THAILAND when this baby is born
  i want to be near the BABY
6:36 PM Daniel: yeah I'm goign to be in DC right?
  thats where I am when this baby is born
 me: you can be wherever you want to be
 Sarah: if i'm in the country i want to come!
 me: and no worries sarah - babies don't remember crap
 Sarah: so? i want to MEET THE BABY
 me: if you are able to go to thailand - YOU HAVE TO GO
 Daniel: yeah
  that's also true
 Sarah: dude, i'm still going to thailand, i'm not nutes
 me: I will save the baby for you, and keep it safe until you get home
6:37 PM Daniel: but I have a shit job
  I want to be with babytime
 Sarah: you better
  let's quit our jobs so we can stare at deb's belly until it pops
 me: :)
 Daniel: I would've done it for less
 Sarah: so are we calling it baby reese?
 Daniel: I'm calling it Optimus
 Sarah: or can we can it something cool?
  dan, come up with something cool
 Daniel: Project Stevadore
6:38 PM me: hahaha
 Sarah: let's call it the flux capacitor
 me: I like Optimus
 Daniel: I can come home this weekend with 60 things
 Sarah: we'll have a board meeting and vote
 Daniel: especially if we're looking for anagrams
 Sarah: matt can officially join the board
 me: yea!
  lucky for him
 Daniel: 3/5 compromise
 Sarah: we'll have to vote on a position for him
6:39 PM Daniel: he can have 3/5
  the extra fifth for the head
 Sarah: ?
 me: sorry guys - i am officially two votes now
 Daniel: that he contributed to optimus
 Sarah: no. the baby does not get a vote on the board.
 me: bullshit
 Daniel: matt's his proxy
 me: bullshit again
 Daniel: its?
 Sarah: that's ok - only if matt doesnt get a vote
 me: ok
 Daniel: haha
6:40 PM Sarah: i'm calling jewish law: actual lives only
  not potential ones
 Daniel: boom
 Sarah: jewish lawyered
 Daniel: and I'm goign to use the next 8 months to consolidate power
  or wife up
 Sarah: how would you consolidate power?
 Daniel: I dunno
 me: optimus is saving a gross shit for you in 9 months
 Daniel: just
 me: 7 months
 Daniel: sleep with 2 eyes open
 Sarah: :-)
 Daniel: B-)
6:41 PM thats the terminator
  in case you were wondering
 me: nice
 Sarah: good to know
 Daniel: so no drinking this weekend?
  when does that start?
 Sarah: she hasn't been drinking for a while
 Daniel: boring
  is matt being supportive?
 Sarah: she's fun anway, promise
 Daniel: by not drinking?
  I'm going full jewish on this weekend
 me: i havent had anything since july4th
6:42 PM Daniel: so many mazals
 me: yea, matt lets me sleep all day
  and he made me mac n cheese for 2nd dinner
 Daniel: serious rule
  no hitting me
 me: true
 Daniel: because I will retaliate
  because I'm dumb
 me: no hitting my belly and were good
 Daniel: until you get big
 Sarah: yeah, hands off policy in place for a while
 Daniel: then
 me: hahaha
 Daniel: you can hit me
 Sarah: cause i poke
 Daniel: because you'll be fat
6:43 PM boom
 me: thanks
 Sarah: are you trying to make boom a thing?
  cause it isn't
 Daniel: its always been a thing
6:44 PM I learned it from Jon Stewart
  he's the best
  its a thing
 Sarah: deb and i are not trying to be jon stewart
 me: nope
6:46 PM im pregs
 Daniel: but
 me: ?
 Daniel: do I have to do anything
  about that
  you being pregnant
 me: for the baby? or jon?
 Daniel: like a baby shower
 Sarah: i think you're off the hook
 Daniel: or do I just get like drunk at things
 Sarah: baby shower comes once she tells people
 Daniel: like the wedding
 me: no you have a penis - you have no responsibility
 Daniel: amazing
 Sarah: on the other hand, i'm gonna have to do stuff
 Daniel: I will celebrate for Deb
 me: im sure there will be a baby shower up tehre
 Daniel: two drinks for me
6:47 PM me: someone needs to be drinking for me
 Sarah: someday i'm going to make you throw a big party for me in return
 me: all im drinking is caffeine free
 Daniel: Matt and I are on it
 me: done!
 Sarah: not for a while though
 me: ok
 Sarah: big parties are a lot of work for me
 Daniel: dude
 me: now you understand why i said i would drive to and from the hotel to the casino right?
 Daniel: being pregnant is like being mormon but also the farting
 me: hahaha
  im keeping that line
6:48 PM Daniel: no I don't get it/
  are pregnant people also not allowed to drive?
  I was wrong
  its like being Amish
 Sarah: he gets the line, he's trying to be jon stewart!
  also, mormon is more accurate than amish
  she can drive
 Daniel: oh you would
  not wouldn't
6:49 PM me: yes
 Sarah: a text i got today: friendship must be build on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans
 me: nice tet
6:54 PM text
 Sarah: right?
  followed by: our friendship is awesome.
  i love my friends
 me: love
 Daniel: are we doing ties and shit for saturday?
 Sarah: no, jeans
  nice shirt
 Daniel: the whole nine yards?
 me: matt likes cigars
 Daniel: I'ma wear a tie
 Sarah: you can cigar if you want though
  have fun
 Daniel: and nice pants
  because I can't forget them at home again
 Sarah: i'm going to wear jeans
 me: i like jeans
7:01 PM Daniel: I've literally got 3 pairs of pants
  that I can wear to work
 Sarah: you should come shopping and buy pants
  that's not enough pants
 me: pants pants pants
 Sarah: though, as of this moment, i have two
  one capri length, one long
  the capri length one doesnt even fit either
  so i'll shut up
7:02 PM me: i have lots of clothing that will never fit again
 Sarah: i'm soryr?
  are your boobs bigger?!?
 me: not yet
  just tender
 Sarah: hahaha you'll have to wear a bra every day for forever just like me!
 me: jerk
7:03 PM Sarah: i have to take my kicks where i can get them dude
 me: true
 Sarah: its hard keeping up with you guys
  i'm hungry
 me: i ate twice while typing with you
 Sarah: nice
7:04 PM i'm gonna heat up dinner
 me: cheerios and then mac n chese
  what are you having
 Sarah: leftover seafood fried rice
  it has lobster and shrimps
 me: yum
  i can eat that
7:05 PM but i can't eat some fish
  its weird
 Sarah: what fish can you not eat?
 Daniel: which fish?
  no sushi?
7:06 PM me: no raw sushi
 Daniel: yeah thats why I want to go shopping
  work clothes
  but at the same time
  4 hours
  feels like a lot of shopping
 Sarah: bring a book and get a snack
  4 hours is wayyy too long
 me: talk to matt and see if he will stick around for a little while with you
 Daniel: can we knock me out of the way?
 me: its only like 20 min from mohegan - you could get a taxi
7:07 PM Daniel: we can do some sarah
  then some me\
  then me and matt leave?
 Sarah: yes
 Daniel: perhaps
 Sarah: but i get to go first
 Daniel: yeah especially cause deb's going to get a lot of attention at dinner
 Sarah: yeah she is
 Daniel: what a bitch
7:08 PM me: i talked to mom for a long time about that
 Daniel: going and getting knocked up right before your party
 me: about how i didn't want to steal sarahs bday thunder
 Sarah: lol
 me: and how maybe i wouldnt tell you guys until sunday morning and breakfast
 Daniel: I would've stabbed you
 Sarah: i would have fucking killed you
 Daniel: but like ankle stab
 me: hahaha
 Daniel: baby lives
 Sarah: true
 Daniel: I need it
 me: oh thank goodness
 Sarah: i would have maimed for optimus's sake
7:09 PM me: oh well then phew, im glad i spilled the beans
 Sarah: me too!!!!!!
  but wait, what can't you eat?
 Daniel: I'm sure it'll be old hat by entrees
  and then by deserts I'll be wasted
 me: i wont eat foods that have been sitting out
7:10 PM large fish
 Sarah: i'm glad you have a plan dan
 me: nice dan
  in 7 months I have to be responsible and cool
  thank god I don't have ovaries
 Sarah: i'm gonna say it: i want to be over informed about EVERYTHING about optimus
7:13 PM me: ok
 Sarah: i want to kkknnnooooooowwwwwww
 Daniel: I keep trying to work
 me: well right now Optimus has a heartbeat - it was 157 last week - nice and strong.
 Daniel: and its just not happening
 me: and Opti has webbed feet and hands like a duck
 Sarah: get over it dan
 me: and eyes
  and eyelids
 Sarah: fingernails? juno said babies have fingernails
 me: and this is the last week it will look like a tadpole
  not yet
7:14 PM me: YES!
 Sarah: ahhhhhh i'm going to lose my shit!!!!
 Daniel: yeah
  this is going to be nuts
 Daniel: yeah
  I'm pretty fucking amped
  I feel like I've worked so long and hard for this
  a decade of work
 me: and a little nose
 Daniel: trying to convince you to make me an uncle
7:15 PM Sarah: yeah, dan really put in the hours on this
 me: hahahaha so true!
 Sarah: it was selfish of you to make him wait so long deb
 me: i know i cant believe it
  i am such a bitch
 Sarah: i blame matt
  deb, you are absolved as the carrier of optimus
 me: Opti has an appendix and pancrease
 Sarah: you don't actually need an appendix you know
7:16 PM stop growing it
  waste of energy
  that's why you need all the naps
  you can skip the tonsils and gallbladder too
 me: so true
 Daniel: yeah
 Sarah: they're nothing but trouble
 me: next week Opti will decide to be a boy or girl
 Sarah: while you're at it, wisdom teeth ain't no thang
7:17 PM me: but we wont know until Thanksgiving
  true again
 Daniel: and pancreas's are the benedict arnold of organs
  fuck that shit
 Sarah: you don't need that one?
  i think you might
 Daniel: you don
 me: really?
 Daniel: oh
  thats gallbladders
7:18 PM Sarah: seriously?
 me: noce
 Daniel: which ever one was betraying sarah from within for 15 years
 me: nice
 Daniel: that one
  benedict organ
 Sarah: gallbladder
 me: i have a friend who just got rid of his recently
 Sarah: its a stupid organ
  nothing but trouble
  he's happier without it, isnt he?
7:19 PM me: yyup
  i dont think ive built that one yet
 Sarah: skip it!
 Daniel: yeah I don't trust it
 Sarah: send optimus a memo
 Daniel: make it prove its loyalty
 me: ooooo
 Daniel: tell it your pregnant
  and see if it tells anyone
 me: harsh for a little guy
7:20 PM Sarah: not a good test
  my gallbladder was great at keeping secret
  for example, it kept the fact that it was the asshole fucking me up a secret for 15 years
 me: ouch
 Sarah: yeah, right?
7:21 PM me: bullshit
 Sarah: so what else do we get to know about babyland?
  there MUST be more!
 me: when i sleep at night, i dream the whole time
  i had a dream it was twins, last night i had a dream about being in a boat
7:22 PM Sarah: was it a nice boat?
 me: thats why i nap, its the only time i sleep alone
  nope - a row boat with mom and matt
  and 3 oars
  imagine how badly that was going to work out
 Sarah: at least you all got your own
 me: yea
7:23 PM Sarah: you're not much for sharing
 me: what?
  im sharing everyhtinng i know
 Daniel: sharing oars
 Sarah: no, like sharing stuff
 Daniel: I read that as a dream about being a boat
  much more exciting
 Sarah: lol
7:24 PM true
  step up the dreams deb
 me: lol
  the rest have been better
  but i cant remember all of them
 Daniel: wait when do you start getting maternity??
 Sarah: well if you dream all the time, that's a lot of dreams
7:25 PM me: maternity?
 Sarah: will you have to go back at the end of the year, or is march late enough that you're out through til september?
 me: ill go back for the last 4 weeks
 Daniel: no I mean when do you start with that?
  its not right when the baby comes is it?
 me: yea it is unless i get put on bedrest
 Daniel: thats bullshit
 me: yea
7:26 PM im due right before spring break
 Sarah: you're gonna be eighty years preggers and teaching
  that's harsh
 me: yea
  ill be teaching from a chair
7:27 PM Daniel: haha
 Sarah: for sure
 me: and so grumpy
  and so fat
 Sarah: you're gonna make kids cry
  right before spring break
7:28 PM they'll be so excited for break
 me: ph yea
  for sure
  and for me not coming back after break
 Daniel: haha I'm excited for it@!
 Sarah: lol
 Daniel: dude before law school I'm going to come and live with you
  and play with the baby
7:29 PM and see what babies do
  when they're babies
 me: ok
  you can sleep in the babies room on the twin bed and not sleep
 Sarah: who's in the guest room?
7:30 PM or is it just baby room and office now?
  will you do the stupid thing where you take a picture of your belly in the same outfit every week please?
 me: yup
  of course
  we are spending tomrorow switching the two spare rooms
7:31 PM the guest room will be the baby room with the twin bed
  and the little room with have the queen bed
 Sarah: ok
  and nothing else
 me: otherwise we have to get rid of the twin bed
 Sarah: fair enough
  oops, xena needs to go out
  i'll be back in 10-15 minu`
7:32 PM me: l
7:35 PM dan dan dan
  you still there
 Daniel: yeah
 me: hi
 Daniel: I started finishing up my work
7:36 PM it was incredible
 me: oh sorry
 Daniel: haha no worries
  I think I'm almost out of here
  and then we can hang out
  even get mom on maybe
 me: ooooooo
  she was so angry at me when i told her not tel tell you guys
7:37 PM Daniel: hahah
 me: and she was with sarah last weekend and didnt know how she was going to make it through
 Daniel: did she think you weren't going to tell
  how'd she do/
 me: she survived
  and didnt tell
7:38 PM Daniel: haha
 me: yea
  very impressed
  ok get your work done
 Daniel: yeah I'll be home in like a half hour max
7:39 PM me: nice
7:40 PM Daniel: oh also
  no melanoma
 me: YAY!! oh good!!!!
7:41 PM Daniel: this is also
 Daniel: :-D
  I'm so happy
7:43 PM you guys are going to be such good parents
 me: thanks!
 Daniel: I was actually talking about it with someone today
 me: really?
 Daniel: yeah
  a coworker
  she and I were talking
  and she asked about my family
  and I was describing you and matt
7:44 PM and how you guys are a great couple
 me: thats really sweet
 Daniel: and how you're going to be great paretns
  but you were taking your time
  though I couldn't give you shit for that anymore because you were trying
 me: well theres no backsies once you get knocked up
 Daniel: hahah
 Sarah: wow
  that was a lot to process
 Daniel: haha
 me: yea
  my bad
7:46 PM i couldnt get you two togehtter without it being sarahs bday dinner
 Sarah: thats ok
7:47 PM Daniel: no this is good
  I gotta record my diaries
  and then I'ma go home
 me: yay!
 Sarah: hurrah!
 Daniel: and I'll call mom and tell her to get to her computer
7:48 PM and we can do this right
 me: i like it
  i think they went out for dinner
 Daniel: whatever
  if I tell her we're gchatting
  dinner might end
 me: true
7:49 PM Sarah: this is excellent
  hopefully the video will be working again
 me: yay!
7:50 PM Sarah: also, i need to shower
  and deal with my hair
  staff meeting tomorrow, i try to look like a person
 me: ok so lets break and regroup in a little bit
 Sarah: ok
 me: showered and home
  i will stay right here on the couch
 Sarah: i'll stay visible so we can do this up right
7:51 PM me: and you two can come back to me
  sounds good
 Sarah: ok, bye!
 Sarah has left
 Daniel: word
7:52 PM byee
 me: byee come back when you get home
7:53 PM Daniel: will do
 me: yay

So there you have it. Almost 2 full hours of talking about the baby. 

Currently I am 13w 4d. And I am starting to show a very little bit. More info and baby pictures tomorrow.

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