Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fitness Week 6


W6D1 – Sunday, February 12 –
This is going to be a long workout.

Warm Up Strength Routine:
Complete 4 Sets of the following exercises
1) 15 x Squats – holding 10lb. medicine ball
2) 15 x Plank Knee Tucks (Alternating left & right knee – 30 in Total)
3) 15 x Shoulder Press – using 5lb. weights
4) 15 x Bentover Row – using 5lb. weights
Time: 10:52

Cardio Component:
Set your interval timer to 50/10 and complete 2 rounds of the following exercises:
140/140  – High Knees
50/40  – Prisoner Jumps
2x – Jog/run On Spot
27/20 – Switch Lunges
I am sooooo out of breath. Shocker? I didn’t think so.

Cool Down Strength Exercises: (explain to me how these are cool downs?)
Complete 3 Sets of the below
1) 15 x Squats – holding 6lb. medicine ball
2) 12 x Push Ups – leaning on bench
3) 15 x Bentover Row – using 5lb. weights
Time: 7:04

That was lovely. That kicked my butt. Hard. In the second set of strength exercises, the rows didn’t hurt at all.

Matt gave me my Valentine’s Day present early. He gave me a 10lb. weight! I know, oh-so-romantic! He offered me something shiny. And then he offered me more workout equipment. And then he offered to give me a space in the basement to store it. I thought about it, but then rejected it. I like working out here in the dining room. Partly because I have to let the dogs in and out sometimes in the middle of my workout, and partly because I don’t really like the basement.

W6D2 – Monday, February 13 –
Small problem. They don’t post the workouts until the afternoon. So when I went to check for a workout last night, it wasn’t there. I knew this would happen. Nope. I didn’t. I didn’t even think about it until last night. It never would have occurred to me not to workout yesterday… well it would have if I had known. But there I go taking off days again. And I wasn’t going to do that again until Friday… whoa is me. Is that the right whoa? Focus lady focus.

I am going to ZUMBA. I haven’t done that in forever. And I have a feeling, more like a burning hope; I am going to be restricted in my workouts soon. And restricted to things like ZUMBA. So I am going to get used to it and enjoy it.

But I didn’t.

W6D3 – Tuesday, February 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day!
My gift to me? I slept in again. I haven’t been sleeping well these last few nights. I don’t know what is wrong… no seriously. I don’t. Tomorrow this thing is on like Donkey Kong!

Hey guess what?!?! Matt bought a … thingie for his Xbox… the thing that can see what you are doing? Crap. This is bad. I have no idea what it is called. Kinect maybe? Sure lets go with that. And we played a few games where you had to jump and duck and move and stuff. And both of us felt our heart rates go up. And we almost got sweaty. That will be a fun afternoon “workout.” And we can do it together!

W6D4 – Wednesday, February 15 – ZUMBA ZUMBA!
I am awake! I love sleeping. I had an awful thought. What if I stopped working out in the morning? And then I thought – Deb, shut up! We all know this is the only time you can commit to working out, and if you want to workout in the afternoon, you are going to have to start committing to it! So I am awake.

And the DVD is in.
And the workout is over. And I am sweaty. And I remember why I do this. Because I really like working out. I love sleeping. But I really like to workout also. 

W6D5 – Thursday, February 16 –
W6D6 – Friday, February 17 –
W6D7 – Saturday, February 18 –

Yup that’s right. I didn’t do anything productive for three days. Do you remember how good I was? I was awesome. And then I fell hard. Maybe next week is the week for me?

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