Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fitness Week 5


W5D1 – Sunday, February 5 – Super Bowl!!!
OMG. Seriously. I slept in until 10:30. With both my husband and dogs. This is unheard of! And seriously strange behavior. Unfortunately, I didn’t work out. I read a lot. And that was good for my psyche? And my legs hurt. And I am bullshitting you. It is Sunday. And I didn’t want to. And it was a rough day for Matt & I, and working out just wasn’t in the cards. Tomorrow with Jillian. Because I want to go to bed and the list of things for tomorrow doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

W5D2 – Monday, February 6 – Welcome to good decisions week
That’s right. I am making smart decisions and getting back on track and today is the day to do it. Can you imagine if I had started doing this when I said I wanted to back in October? It wouldn’t be week 5, but more like week 11. That is crazy. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Except I didn’t this morning. Matt & I were up until almost midnight talking about things that needed to be aired out. So I slept in. In fact I remember being very confused in the middle of the night and resetting my alarm.  Tomorrow. No excuses.

W5D3 – Tuesday, February 7 – I am serious this time
Okay this workout is longer and harder. It is different. It has 24, 30-second rounds. Do as many as possible. And just get through it. It should take me 16 minutes. So this one is perfect to do alone. Without one of the videos.  I am intimidated by it just because it looks brutal. But I can’t wait.

Bitches – I am up and working out today. SMART DECISION MADE! AND COMPLETED!

So here is what I was able to do: Body Rock – Week 3 – Day 2
Stretching first!!
6 – 1 Push-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump
71 – *High Knees Skip
16– Switch Lunge
71 – *High Knees Skip
11 – Press up
79 – *High Knees Skip
3 sets – High Knees x 10 + Mountain Climbers x 10 (so out of breath!!!)
72 – *High Knees Skip
10 – Side Burpee & Oblique Abs
77 – *High Knees Skip
6 – Push-up + Plank Twist HALFWAY!!!! (want to die a little)
66 – *High Knees Skip
0?? – V Abs Left (laying on your left side) (I don’t think I can figure this out even when I am watching the video at the same time)
82 – *High Knees Skip
0??? – V Abs Right (laying on your right side) (yea I got nothing)
82 – *High Knees Skip
44 – Jumping Jacks
82 – *High Knees Skip
12 – Single Toe Touch Abs (lift one leg, then lift up to touch toe)
70 – *High Knees Skip
13 – Squat
80 – *High Knees Skip
12 – 1/2 Burpee + 1 Push-up
70 – *High Knees Skip
Stretching last!!!

Oh wow. That was very hard. I loved it. But I am sooooo itchy right now from sweat. I cannot wait to shower! That was great. I have to figure out what those V abs things are. Because I was lying there doing what I thought I was supposed to and it was a rest period. I didn’t feel out of breath or like I was working anything. So, yea, that will be me with the video again trying to figure that out for the 3rd time… it just hasn’t clicked yet. Sweat dripping down my face right now!!! I feel amazeballs!

W5D4 – Wednesday, February 8 – Follow Through. I have some!
That’s right. Two days in a row. You know what that means right? I have a horse and I am back on it in full swing. WHOOO HOOOO!

On a different note. I hate going back through Body Rock’s workouts to find the day I am on. So I am going to jump ahead. Don’t be angry. They post a new video EVERY DAY! Hello. So I will never catch up otherwise. I am also going to start calling the workouts the same thing they do. That way if you (or more likely I) want to go and find a workout and watch the video that goes with it, it will be so much easier. I will write the post date too. This way there are no excuses. I am NOT going back to post date. That would be redonkulous. By a lot.

Feb 6 – Sexy Fit Test
So here is what I was able to do:
50 seconds on/10 seconds rest – TOTAL: 8 minutes
22 - Squat Jumps
17 - Push Ups
10 - Burpees
140 - High Knees
17 - Switch Lunges
46 - Prisoner Jumps (like jacks with the arms behind your head)
20 - Tricep Dips
12 - Straight Abs

No lie. I thought I would kick this fitness test’s ass. I didn’t. After high knees (which I was able to do a ton of – HIGH FIVE!) I was so out of breath and sweating. But that’s what this is all about. Pushing it and sweating. And then sweating some more. So – glory to the sweat. I love it. And today was a great day for a fit test because I woke up with some serious abdominal cramps. Like, stop you in your tracks this hurts right now kind of cramps. Ouch. So I could fit 8 minutes in for a workout without dying in the middle.

So its tonight already. And I thought I would give you some feedback.
1 – I love waking up and working out. Still. But I am exhausted today. (It might be from teaching in a really hot computer lab today, but it might not.) So it is not even 8:30 and I am already sitting in my bed and getting ready for tomorrow’s workout. It is going to be killer! In a good way.
2 – Since quitting WW, I am still conscious of my food. I am paying more attention to portion size than I ever did on WW. On it, I was only concerned with points. Now, I am trying to pay attention to whether I am still hungry. Today, I wasn’t. I ate a slice of homemade pizza, and then I stopped.
          **** SIDE NOTE – my pizza had pesto, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, and black beans. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!
3 – my calves are tight. Not in the “UR my homie and we’re tight” way. In the “someone is not good at remembering to stretch both before & after workouts” way. Sad face. Well, sad calves. I need to remember to stretch. That is the only thing I don’t like about Body Rock. They don’t remind me to stretch the way the DVDs have it built in. MUST REMEMBER!!! OR have tight legs. You know. Whatevs.

W5D5 – Thursday, February 9 – Happy almost Friday
I went to bed early last night. I was in my bed before 8:30. The workout yesterday knocked me out – in a GREAT way. But I was so tired from waking up early the last few days. So I took care of myself. Today’s workout has two names. It is a 300-rep challenge & the FAT SLAUGHTER workout. Like seriously. Is that name completely necessary? I can only imagine how tight my muscles will be today if I don’t stretch.  L Very sad face.

Sean’s workout needs some instruction. As a repetitive workout, I am doing 10 of each, then 9 of each, then 8 of each. You get the math right? All the way down to 1 of each. I am going for speed. I don’t think I will get this done in less than 30 minutes. Hell I might not get it done before I need to shower. But I am going to try my hardest and make sure I have enough time for Abs.

Feb 7 – 300 Rep Challenge
So here is what I was able to do:
1) Alternating hand sand bag swing (using medicine ball)
2) Shovel left (across body)
3) Shovel right (across body)
4) Clean and Press Left (using 5lb weight)
5) Clean and Press Right (using 5lb weight)
Time: 14:26

Ab Routine using interval timer to 50/10
1) Reptile Pushups – 17
2) Mountain Climbers – 48
3) Plank jacks – 25

Put a pin in me. I am done! I made it. So total time 17:26. Not bad. I don’t think… wait I know I could have done this with heavier weights. I tried to up my medicine ball to the 10lb. one, but it messed up my motion. So, next time – bigger ball! (hehe)

I learned something this morning! I like Sean’s workouts too! They intimidated me originally. But I was wrong. His workouts are fun. And I can do them!  But I anticipate my arms feeling like spaghetti later today. Must stretch!

W5D6 – Friday, February 10 – Happy Friday!!!
I have a thing for not working out on Fridays…. They seem to be my rest day. And I am okay with that. I am supposed to have two. And the first few weeks I took only one on Saturdays. But I think my body thinks that Friday should be my rest day. I am going to listen. 

W5D7 – Saturday, February 11 –
I woke up this morning. And I lay in bed for an hour playing word games. And then I screwed around on the internet. And now it is 4pm and I still haven’t worked out. BAD! So I am doing this right now.

Feb 8 – Tighten it Up
So here is what I was able to do: x3
21/19/18  – Sandbag Shoulder Lift & Drop (L & R Shoulder) – using 10lb. medicine ball
12/14/8 – Push-ups
5/4/4– 10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers – holding the 6lb. medicine ball for high knees
20/15/26 Prisoner jacks – Tuck Knees & Explosive Star Jump

Okay that felt good. I am sweaty. I am out of breath. I can barely type. I didn’t fill up my water bottle before I started working out. So partway through, I was out of breath AND out of water. Lethal I tell you.

There was supposed to be an Ab workout too. But I nixed it today. Sorry abs. You will just have to work it tomorrow. 

This was a great week for me. I got out of my working out funk and I feel good. 

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