Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fitness Week 4 - otherwise known as the lackthereof


W4D1 – Sunday, January 29 – Ummm
W4D2 – Monday, January 30 – Ummm, again
These two days were wonderful. I slept in both days. I spent time with my family. And I ate reasonably healthy. I made mostly good decisions, and had two slices of cake. One with lunch and one after dinner. So tomorrow, I will be working out with Jillian. Then I will be back to my routine. Thank goodness for a good routine. I can’t wait!

W4D3 – Tuesday, January 31 – Jillian Michaels’ Level 2

So here is what I was able to do: #1st set – exercise – 2nd set (last time)
1st circuit 
5 (6) – walking pushups – 4 (4)
30/5lbs (25/5lbs) – static squat & dumbbell rows (open) – 19/5lbs (18/5lbs)
High knees/mountain climbers
20 each (20) – crunch alternating leg lift (I pause the DVD & do 20)
2nd circuit
23/5lbs (29/5lbs) – static lunge & dumbbell row (closed) – 16/5lbs (20/5lbs)
18/5lbs (24/5lbs) – pendulum lunge & hammer curl – 19/5lbs (19/5lbs)
Oblique twist / skaters
16 (17) – leg lifts
12 (10) – double crunch
3rd circuit
12/5lbs (10/5lbs)military press & leg extension – 15/5bs (10/5lbs)
20/3lbs (20/3lbs) – squat & V raise – 19/3lbs (19/3lbs)
plank jacks/ double jump rope
23 (30) plank twists

You know that feeling of “I’m going to die because of this workout, so it must be really good for me?” Yea, I had that today. From a workout I have been doing. So I guess that means my body really likes it when I workout every day as opposed to what I did for the last week. I think I worked out twice since last Tuesday. Hmmm. Memo received body, memo received.  I even felt like I had a lot of acid in my throat. Like I needed to vomit. Nice! Great workout! Way to push through this body. I am very proud of you!

Also, today is my last day with Weight Watchers. My subscription ends today. So I need to go steal as many recipes as I can for the foods I love. Last night I found a 3 point Alfredo sauce. STOLE IT! I know there was a fried rice recipe I want also… Now you know what I will be doing this afternoon…

W4D4 – Wednesday, February 1 – I don’t feel good…
I woke up this morning and felt like my head was going to implode. I have pressure on my temples and it is just uncomfortable. My nose is dripping down the back of my throat and it feels raw. All in all, I woke up feeling pretty crappy. And then I went back to sleep. It wasn’t even good sleep. I just lay there. And the whole time I was thinking, GET UP & WORKOUT! You might not feel good now but I bet getting your blood moving would make you feel better. But did I listen? Of course NOT! I am not that bright! HELLO. THAT IS WHY I HAVE THIS WHOLE ACCOUNTABILITY THING GOING ON! HELLO! EARTH TO DEB!

So I still don’t feel good now. Like at all. I have just taken meds, so I have about 30 minutes to get myself together before I pass out. I am getting ready for tomorrow’s workout, because regardless of how I feel, I am doing it.

Okay, I tried. The Internet is down. Bastard. What a jerk. So I guess I will do a DVD in the morning and be happy about it. It will be okay as long as I work out. Endorphins here I come.

W4D5 – Thursday, February 2 – I learned a bad lesson
I reset my alarm clock again. I knew that I had set the second alarm on my clock for the right time from yesterday… and so I misbehaved. I would like to blame the internet from last night, but that is only partially true. Most of it is because I wanted to sleep so badly this morning. My head feels like it is 120% under water. The pressure and the breathing. It is too much. And mornings seem to be the worst time of day; followed by the moment when the medicine wears off.

So I have learned again today. When I break a good habit, I destroy it. How many days did I do in a row without problems? Almost 3 weeks. And now, it has been too long since I have been productive. So I am going to be realistic. Tonight I am going to bed early. Tomorrow I am sleeping in. I am being realistic. Saturday, I start again. WITH A WORKOUT. And I move forward. I am not going to dwell in the setback that is not working out. I am going to focus on getting myself healthy and back in one piece so I can move on.

W4D6 – Friday, February 3 – Taking care of me.
Except for Happy Hour. I was great today. And I was in bed by 9… but not for healthy reasons.

W4D7 – Saturday, February 4 – Getting back on the horse
And I slept until 10 this morning. So I lost track of where I am in the 30-day workout series. I think I am in Week 2, maybe on Day 3 or 4. And I am getting tired of going back and looking for the old workouts. Which is my own fault for not doing their workout every day like I am supposed to… Okay, well, enough complaining. Here is my workout for today.

Wait, one more thing. I just want you to know that I went back and checked where I am by reading the workouts. (otherwise known as stalling again). And I am at the 600 rep challenge! That means I finished the 2nd week! Huzzah!!!!

So here is what I was able to do:
100 High Knee Skips
100 Lunge kicks (50 each leg) holding 6lb medicine ball above your head
100 High Knee Skips
100 squats holding 6lb medicine ball behind your head
100 High Knee Skips
25 Straight Abs
50 plank twists
25 Bicycle Abs

Time: 17:55
I was convinced I was going to die in there. The lunges & squats were brutal. I didn’t think 100 was that bad… until I did 50 and couldn’t imagine doing it again. So lesson is still learned – I need to be diligent and not reset my alarm clock ever again. Because when I pause, I pause for too long. And then I feel bad about it. And that is a problem.

—PS—I am covered in sweat. You know, in case you were curious. 

I am looking forward to Week 5 - and to making really smart decisions. 

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