Monday, July 4, 2011

Rome, Day #4 (Trip Day #13)

This just keeps going doesn't it?

Day 13/4
Happy 4th of July!  We are soooooooo beyond ready to go home.  It brought me to tears last night thinking about it.  And we tried to change our flight - that's how serious we were about it.  But with today being America's birthday and everything, black out dates and for $1000 we can do anything, and stay here.
So we did NOT set any alarm clock today and slept for a whopping 11 hours.  We got up at 9:30ish and went about our day.  We bought a two-day pass for a hop on/off bus and saw the rest of the city.  First stop, the Coliseum.  But the lines were forever long, so we abandoned ship to the Forum and Palatine hill.  Again we were spoiled with Danny and found the ruins here in Rome to be impressive and yet still lacking.  Where are the plaques with information?  We did get an audio guide, but found it dull.  It didn't answer any of our questions or make us think at all.  The Forum, also cool, huge, impressive, and boring.  It didn't help that I didn't eat breakfast and it was hot as hell.  Well it was until we left.  Then there were these things called clouds that we haven’t seen in 2 weeks and had to be reminded what they were.  Ha-ha. 
Back on the bus to the island in the river.  It was formed by Romans throwing crap into the river and it built up.  Then it was a hospital.  We walked over it to the other side and got lunch.  Close to 3.  Back on the bus, past St. Peter's, the Church of Sant'Angelo, and back to the hotel.  Showers.  Chilling in AC.  Felt some rain on the balcony.  Thinking about dinner.  Done.
Hello, it's July 4th - so we went up the street to the Hard Rock Cafe.  Burgers and club sandwiches!  They even sang the National Anthem, well Whitney Houston did, at the 1991 Super Bowl, and they played it.  Everyone clapped.  Then we passed out from a food overdose.

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