Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rome, Day #2 (Trip Day #11)

Day 11/2
Oh my this was a seriously long day.  We woke up and had breakfast, which was nothing like Israeli breakfast and therefore sucked.  We had tickets for the Vatican at 9:30 this morning and so we got a taxi and were off.  It dropped us off in front of St. Peter's Basilica, which was not right and we spent the next 15 minutes trying to find the museum around the back.  The Vatican museums are intense to say the least.  We spent the next 2-3 hours there and were overwhelmed by the volume of stuff they have: Egyptian, statues, baths, old art, new art, and the Sistine Chapel.  And we being dummies decided to go today, on Saturday, when anyone and everyone was there.  We were overwhelmed by the volume of the people there and couldn't enjoy it at any pace.  We did splurge on the audio guide, but it was nothing like Danny or Arthur.  It was in fact boring. 
We decided to walk back towards the hotel with as many stops as we could along the way.  Every time we turned down another street there was another gorgeous old building.  But without Danny and Arthur we had no idea what it was.  We stopped at Castel Sant'Angelo (where the crazy Christians were in Angels & Demons); we walked across the bridge, through Piazza Navona, to the Pantheon.  We got all the places where you needed to be covered up out of the way.  Somewhere in there we stopped for delicious Panini for lunch. 
It's two o'clock and we headed back towards the hotel.  We were sweaty and in lots of clothing.  Shower #2 of the day.  And then we napped.
Around 4 we headed back out.  We are getting on the train tomorrow (for a secret trip, well until tomorrow) and we wanted to figure out if we were going to walk or Metro.  I don't think we decided.  Eh.  Then we walked around.  We saw the Republica, Santa Maria Maggiore, Giardini Piazza Vittorio, and then took the metro to the other end of the city.  And saw Piazza del Popolo.  Here there was a beautiful fountain and above it an overlook we just had to climb to see.  That was sarcastic.  Matt wanted to see it, I loved it when we got up there and could see the whole city below us.  Then we walked towards the Mausoleum Augusto (but we couldn't find an entrance), and onwards to Piazza Colonna and down the street.  It is Saturday night and the main street was blocked off to cars, so we walked down the center.  We saw the Spanish steps again in the distance and walked on towards a giant something that looked like a wedding cake.  No name that I can find on the map.  Then hunger struck.  And hard.  I rejected, he rejected, and I rejected a few more times before we found pizza for dinner.  Then we walked on to the Colosseo.  It was spectacular.  We walked the whole way around it and discovered that lots of people go there for wedding pictures.  I started to follow the wedding dresses and Matt was not pleased.  Then we metroed back to the hotel.  It is 8.  We have been up and moving around for 12 hours, well 10, and we are exhausted. 

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