Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicago Visit 2011

Chicago skyline from our view
at the park for music
So after 6 days at home, we went away again, as if 6 days was enough to be at home... We were back to Chicago to visit with Janna & Dan!  We flew out and landed in time for lunch with Dan.  We had hummus, because it had been over a week and Matt was going through withdrawal.

This was a packed trip, but then again, it wasn't because we had a lot of down time (a new thing for us).  During this trip we went to the Art Institute, zoo, aquarium, Broadway in the Park, BareNaked Ladies block party, and swimming in the Lake.  We had a wonderful time - wait that doesn't even begin to cover how much fun we had.  We also ate a lot of great food.  Dan cooked breakfast, went out for brunch at Sprout (Dale from Top Chef's restaurant - YUM), Thai food, BBQ, delicious.  I feel like we might have been eating for days.  Oh and frozen yogurt and cupcakes.  DUH!
BareNaked Ladies!!!!!

We are barely home from this trip and we are already talking about what we will be doing next year in Chicago - Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me...

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