Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 19

Pregnancy: 19 weeks

Weight Gain: 11 pounds. At some point, this information will stop being shared.

Measurements: At my last ultrasound, baby was measuring 4 days early. 8cm head to butt! This week it should be the size of a large heirloom tomato - about 6 inches head to bottom.

Sleep: It's very uncomfortable. I am now using TWO pillows. Imagine the airplane when it is parked in the terminal. You know how they put things under the wheels to keep them from moving? That's me. I'm the airplane. One pillow in front and one pillow behind.

Cravings:  Same as last week. French fries and chocolate milk. Not so much craving them, but wanting to eat them anytime. I started bringing money into work with me so I could buy chocolate milk. Matt is starting to worry that I am not eating enough. And definitely not enough protein. But I have no interest in cooking protein. I think I may have outsmarted myself by making shredded chicken yesterday. So now I can add it to my salads and pasta.
Feeling: I'm grumpy in the morning. I never liked waking up. And I really don't like waking up in the middle of the night to roll over.

Movement: A little bit. Not a lot. Not often at all. I have noticed ligament pain. Woo hoo. Apparently my uterus is getting bigger and harder for my body to manage. Shocker! Did you see the pictures from today? Where did that little baby come from?

I thought I would show you last week's photo... just so you could see what happened this week. It is crazy! I know this belly is really going to grow over the next few weeks (5 months) but the week to week change is crazy fun to watch. So enjoy!

Also - you should notice the AWESOME sweater I wore today! My wonderful and talented MOTHER knit that for me (for before I was pregnant)! It is crazy beautiful! I always get lots of compliments, and people who ask where I bought it. ~ Love you Mom!

What's going on inside the belly:  
Week 19: Sensory development all over the place! Smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch are all being located in the brain. Also, this little pumpkin can hear me. We already knew that if we shine a light on the belly, the baby will move to get away from it, but now it can hear me. And for that, I apologize for yelling at my 3rd period today - but they deserved it, every word of it.
Back to Optimus - ummm, it's growing a protective coating to "prevent pickling in the amniotic fluid." Overshare much? And weird - because I never thought about that.

Next Appointment: Oct 29 - SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! That's next Tuesday! And we get to find out the gender! Let me tell you - I really don't care if my baby is a boy or a girl. I just want a healthy baby. But I am very excited at this point to find out. And I am sorry. I don't think I am going to post the gender here next week. We are going to call family before we post it here. Sorry. Don't take it personally.

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