Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weeks 17 & 18

Apparently I can't write these posts every week. I thought about writing this all week. But sitting down and remembering things... that is hard work! So here goes.

For Week 17 - I kept asking Matt to take my picture late and it just wasn't working out. So we put up a mirror in the nursery. I took a bunch of photos... this was the only one that came out. I don't know how all those ladies take good pictures of themselves in mirrors. I took 20 photos... Most were awful. Thank goodness for my sweet husband!

Pregnancy: 18 weeks

Weight Gain: 10 pounds. At some point, this information will stop being shared.

Measurements: At my last ultrasound, baby was measuring 4 days early. 8cm head to butt!

Sleep: It's uncomfortable. But I solved it a few nights ago. It's a second pillow, right under my belly. I am was a belly sleeper. And now that's no longer an option. It took me forever to get comfy on my side. A few hours later I would wake up to pee and find myself asleep on my baby belly. So solution - pillow! I have a small squishy pillow that is perfect for putting under my belly. It keeps me from rolling onto my belly and I can kinda sleep leaning on my belly.

Cravings:  French fries and chocolate milk. Not so much craving them, but wanting to eat them anytime. I started bringing money into work with me so I could buy chocolate milk.

Feeling: This past week was great. I feel good. I am starting to walk funny, but not all the time. Just up and down the stairs. What else?

Movement: BIG NEWS!!!! I felt something last weekend. I did. A little flutter right below my belly button. I have felt it a few times. Not that often. But yea!

What's going on inside the belly:  
Week 17: Baby is changing from cartilage to bone. Eeww.
Week 18: Baby is about 5.5 inches and growing. About the size of a Red Solo Cup. CRAZY! And Baby is moving around all the time. I should be feeling Baby a lot soon.

Next Appointment: Oct 29 - SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

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  1. Oh, you're gorgeous, darlin'. Glowing and bump-ified!

    I promise photos of our "baby" next week. Hopefully we'll get some tile up in the basement over the weekend!