Sunday, May 6, 2012

What did you do yesterday?

Another weekend has come and gone and we did some pretty big things!

Me first! Me first! (Matt could go first, but only if he was writing this, and he's not, so I go first - DUH!)

So yesterday was Lesley's Baby Shower. I helped her mother (Angela) & mother-in-law (Judy) plan this. Back in January I contacted Angela and started talking to her about her plans for the baby shower. The Moms decided they wanted a surprise shower. Oh geez - not my cup of tea (DID YOU SEE THAT - I DON'T LIKE SURPRISES - I THINK I AM BEING VERY CLEAR HERE!!!), but Lesley has thrown many a surprise party for people who don't like them. So we talked and compared notes and realized that we should do one big one for all the family and friends.

Angela & Kimberly (on lookout duty)
I was in charge of all the games! Woo hoo! This meant we only played games I am good at and that I enjoy. No poop (shocker), baby food, or celebrity mom & baby games. I wasn't having that. No ma'am.

The shower was wonderful. The space they found was plenty big enough for us to have separate spaces for eating, painting, and opening presents. 

My car was packed with games,
presents, cupcakes, and a cooler in
the back seat.

Letters we painted for the
baby's nursery
Baby Girl Maurer

Playing games
Steve was a great sport and hung out with all women for the whole afternoon. He came for the surprise, stayed for the food, and helped open presents. He even won at Bingo.

The current pile. Originally it was higher than
the table. I couldn't change the TV channel
from the table, it was that high!
Alrighty, Matt's turn. What did he do this weekend? Well, I think it is really this week. He has been very hard at work this week. Last Sunday we ripped out the floors in our living room. This was not a surprise to me. I knew it was coming. But I thought we were doing this during the summer. I was wrong. But not entirely. We have been looking at floors and trying to come to an agreement on colors and wood type for the last few months. We finally found something we both liked, and then he found a great deal. So we had to act on it. Then we had a huge pile of them in our dining room.

So after the wood acclimated to the room, there was no reason to wait another 2 months to get started. So he didn't. We were down to the sub floor last Sunday. He has been working on it every day since. And every day, Misty HATED it. She has full on panic attacks with lots of shaking and drooling. She also tries to escape - through walls and closed windows mostly. 

Misty puddle. She has given up hope and melted into herself.

the first few planks

 Calming down from a panic attack

 No worries, Bones is looking out for her, only a little bit
and while I am taking her picture not his...

So while I was at the shower yesterday, Matt was able to finish the whole room! Today he added the molding and quarter rounds. It looks beautiful! And our house is put back together (for the time being - until he moves into the dining room & kitchen).

I am so grateful for my handy hubs. He is so talented.  He can really do anything.

When we are done with the floors, he is building a new TV cabinet and a nightstand for the little bedroom. So many other plans too.

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  1. Great Blog! Thanks so much for all your help! It was greatly appreciated! You are such a great friend! ...and the floor looks great! -- Angela Dotson
    PS: What did you say about surprises? :-)