Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Beautiful Baby Blanket

Last Saturday was Lesley's baby shower (read about that here). I already told you about that. What I didn't tell you is what I gave her as a gift. This story starts a few months ago.

Lesley knew I wanted to throw her a baby shower. So I emailed her and asked for the emails of a few of her friends. I specifically asked for her bridesmaids from her wedding. As speedily as I could, I emailed them and asked if they wanted to help me create a secret present. In the end there were 10 of us participating in creating a baby quilt for our new Baby Girl.

I picked out the fabrics and mailed everyone a square and a fabric pen. Everyone decorated it differently and mailed it back. Some decorated with poems, others with drawings. Every single square is lovely and covered in love.
the fabrics



Lauren T.


Lauren A.

I just realized I don't have any pictures of my square. Ruh roh. Oh well. It's the colorful one in the middle-ish.  So once everyone mailed me back their squares, I started putting everything together and well, it is gorgeous.

And I know I am very biased. (hahahaha that's funny because some of the cuts were on the bias - that's a quilting joke!!!) But I really loved working on it.

Mostly, I loved making this for two of my favorite people and the third on the way. And I loved giving it to them this weekend. I cannot wait to meet and cuddle their beautiful baby girl. I hope she loves this blanket as much as I loved making it for her.

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