Monday, May 14, 2012


As you know, we are in the middle of big, noisy, dirty, renovations. Matt is redoing the floors on the main floor. Bones is fine with it. He just stays clear of Matt and the noise. But Misty, my poor girl. HATES IT! Her anxiety is through the roof! She shakes and drools, and is impossible to console. There is nothing we have been able to do. It is sad and a mess. But mostly sad. And we have not found anything we can do to help her. In fact, last year she ran away from home when Matt broke out the nail gun. She jumped off the deck and Matt found her on her way to the grocery store. And she wouldn't get in the car with him. It sounded like a dog abduction to me.

Anyways. I came home from work today (like I do) and Matt said he was going to start ripping out the tile (that I love!!!) in the kitchen. So the dogs and I were on our own. We had to fend for ourselves and survive! Like in the jungle. That's how it feels to Misty. The last time he was doing work, we went outside and lay in the sun on the porch. But today. It is POURING! Huge, heavy (lovely) gallons of water.

So we tried the basement. That was an epic fail. Matt was banging and making noise right above us. To hell with Misty - I was going to have a migraine. So we scurried upstairs to the bedroom. Bones brought his Bestie. They wrestled for awhile. They gazed longingly into each others eyes too - right until Bones bit his nose...

Which brings us to the moment of success! Last week I bought Misty a Thunder Shirt. Matt said I was crazy. I agreed. That's not news. But remember, I am willing to try anything if it makes the world a little friendlier for Misty. She has worn it a few times. Nothing remarkable happened while she was wearing it.

But today. Today would be the day to try it out. With anxiety. Bring on the shakes and drooling! WRONG! After a few minutes, she was asleep! Passed out! Dead to the world - but in the good way! She was giving me the stink eye for taking her picture! And the whole time Matt was hammering, and drilling, and making all sorts of anxiety inducing noises!
That's right. We have found a wonderful solution to Matt's hammering! Thank goodness! We have a winner! And for once - its Misty!!!!!!

And because Bones was confused about why his picture wasn't all over the blog today, here are some shots of Bones.
Nap time. Turn off the camera.

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