Monday, April 23, 2012

This weekend. In West Virginia.

10ish years ago, Matt was working for an adventure summer camp. On one trip, they took the kids into West Virginia to camp and climb mountains. That day it was raining and they didn't get to climb. Recently, he read an article about those same mountains and found them on the web. So for his birthday, his 31st birthday, we went to West Virginia and climbed that mountain.

WV is gorgeous! The scenery is beyond beautiful. We drove in on Friday, checked into the cabin, and went straight to Nelson Rocks to climb. We were originally scheduled to climb on Saturday, but we were afraid of the weather (it rained) and moved it to Friday. So when we got to La Via Ferrata (the Iron Path) we found out we were the only ones scheduled to go on Friday! Private tour! It was a 15 minute walk to the bottom of the climb. And then it went straight up. We climbed straight up and then across on ledges. At one point we went straight around the side of the mountain - it was a ridge.

Then we crossed a suspended bridge. I loved it. Matt, not so much. He is not the biggest fan of heights... but he soldiered across like a champ! I enjoyed the walk across the bridge, and even stopped to take pictures of the cavern and the heights. I had a wonderful time.

Originally, I didn't want to go with him. A friend of his was going to climb with him. But I am so glad that I went! It was such an amazing experience. And it was beautiful!

We went out for dinner at the only restaurant near our cabin. Above the only store. And we ate delicious subs. Then we went back to the cabin to wait for Tim & Sarah. About the cabin... none of the walls went up to the ceiling. Not in the bedrooms, not in the bathroom, nowhere. There was no privacy at all. It was interesting. Oh and we were located in the place in deep spot in the valley that had no cell phone service, AT ALL. It was crazy to be that disconnected from other people. And I loved it. I lost all my online games, but I enjoyed it.

Saturday, we woke up and had a big meaty breakfast. Then we looked for quick hikes that we could go on without being drenched. Oh and with the dogs too. They had spent a lot of time in the car and in the cabin. I felt badly for them.  Check out Misty's teeth - she is definitely a country dog.  hehehe

So Matt found us a waterfall with a footpath. And away we went.  It was a gorgeous waterfall. We drove around to another view and it was breathtaking.

We spent the rest of the day playing games and eating a ton. It was a wonderful weekend. And it was fun to celebrate Matt's birthday with his BFF & Sarah.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and favorite person in the world!

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