Sunday, August 28, 2011

this area knows how to survive!

Let's talk weather!  2011 came in with a bang and we are not done yet. 

It started with snow - and lots of it.  We used all our snow days and M & I started to get nervous about our vacation and leaving on time.  (No worries though)  We spent a few days cooped in the house.

This summer.  It has been H.O.T. HOT HOT HOT!  Where are the cabana boys?  With this heat, we should have spent the whole thing at the beach, but we didn't make it to the beach once.  Well, we went to the lake in Chicago, and it has a beach, but it is not the same. 

Last week, we had an earthquake.  I thought that living on the East Coast, I would never experience an earthquake.  Wrong!  I wrote all about it in this post. It was a 5.9 on the Richter scale.  Which was huge for this area.  Tons of freaked out people.

And then as it there hasn't been enough weather, we survived a hurricane last night!  Irene came and went and you can tell she was not the friendliest weather we have ever met.  Everyone was saying that Irene was supposed to be huge with 100mph winds and tons of destruction.  We were supposed to have food and water for a few days and bunker down for downpour and winds.  Yesterday.  It started raining around 11, but not real rain.  It was spitting.  Nothing more.  All day.  Around 9 it started actually raining.  At some point over night it became windy.  And then we lost power.  Misty climbed in bed with me and would not get out.  Bones just slept. 

This morning, the dogs woke us up at 7 this morning.  We went out to survey the damage.  There were major limbs down, but not on anything valuable.  One neighbor had a giant limb down next to his car and leaning on the hood.  But that was all the damage.  Matt decided that this was a sign to take down a lot of the ugly tree in our backyard.  And I went back to sleep until 11 - because it was gloomy outside.  I didn't intend to sleep that late, but I did. 

I checked in with the fam - they were all safe and in one piece.  My sister's car might have some damage.  Otherwise, all safe and sound.  My dad lost power.  My brother in NYC had nothing remarkable - and he was bummed!  We bummed around for the rest of the day.  Matt cleaned (because he couldn't play video games).  I cleaned out the spare bedroom.  Around 2 the power flickered.  And the oven screamed.  But then it disappeared again.  At some point in the afternoon, MCPS texted us and told us that we might have tomorrow off because there were a lot of areas without power.  Around 5 the power came back!  And then we started showering, laundry, and vacuuming. 

So, in conclusion, weather - you can suck it!  Snow, heat, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  DONE and DONE!  All we need is a little wildfire and then we would have the rest of the country beat!  Wait a second, our neighbor lit some of the field behind our house on fire this summer too!  WIN!  Wildfire - check!  What's left?  oh just an empty can of weather whoop ass!

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