Saturday, August 27, 2011

The End of Summer & First Week Blues

Since being home from all my travels so much has happened!  I came home Friday night for a wedding on Saturday.  Scott & Sokhan have been together for 10 years and finally tied the knot!  The coolest part of the wedding were all the outfit changes.  I asked, they had 8 different outfits throughout the day.  I guess the piece of information that is missing is that Sokhan is Cambodian, so they had traditional Cambodian & American attire. 

All the guys from college
Sokhan, Matt, Me, Scott
Then we had a week before we went back to school :(  And we did a lot!  Well... between Chicago and my trip, we started painting the hallway.  Matt finished it while I was away.  So after I got home, we started putting the house back together.  All the pictures & paintings needed to get put back up.  I also reframed all the pictures from the bathroom.   I still have to put those back up.

see if you can see yourself in any of these shots!!

Then we went back to work.  We had meetings.  And Freshman Orientation.  Oh, and an earthquake.  That's right.  On the East Coast.  An EARTHQUAKE!  We were both in school when it happened.  It was weird.  The floor started to feel like the ocean; it was just kind of, I don't know, moving.  Like a sheet of plastic.  The only problem was that we didn't know what to do... we don't have earthquakes.  So we sat there.  Then the people in the classroom panicked; they crawled under furniture and tried to put 20 people under the doorway.  Then we evacuated.  I think the building had stopped moving at that point.  And it was towards the end of the day, so almost everyone left at that point.  When we got home, the dogs were kind of freaked out and they hung out with me for the rest of the day.  Apparently, there was an after shock in the middle of the night too.  We slept through it and the dogs didn't bark either.

And now we are waiting for Irene to get here and make some noise.  So far it has just rained.  And I don't want to jinx anything, but I think an earthquake & a hurricane in the same week is a lot for the east coast.  I would like to hear the wind though. 

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