Sunday, June 19, 2011

I can't believe this!

I cannot believe I am doing this again. It has only been 2 years. I cannot believe that SITES doesn't have enough space for me to keep going. Here is the story:

I was posting about my friends' wedding and writing about how much fun I had this weekend when I got a message: You have run out of space! BOOOOOOO! I was halfway through sharing only my favorite pictures. It was such a sad moment.

So I did some research. I search the webs. They told me (after two years) that if I wanted to add more space to the site I already had, I would have to start over. And pay $$$ to have more space than I had. BOOOOOOOO again!

So here I am. It's midnight. And I am starting my blog over again. What are the odds.

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