Monday, June 20, 2011

Congrats Tim & Sarah!

Matt's BFF got married this weekend!  Matt & Tim are BFFs from college and lived together for 6 out of the last 11 years (Matt told me so, so it must be true).  Sarah is Tim's other half. They balance each other out so well.  He cooks; she bakes.  She crafts; he builds.  They love zombies and vampires and have a plan in case of attack. 

So Friday night - rehearsal & dinner.  My favorite parts were all variations on one theme: Sarah telling the judge who officiated the wedding, AKA her boss, to skip that part for right now.  Dinner was at Positano's, a lovely Italian place in Bethesda.  YUM!

Tim gave his groomsmen the best gift ever!  They each got a personalized cooler filled with beer, an opener, coozies, and their tie for the wedding.  They each got beer based on their personal beer preferences.  All three guys were really happy!

Saturday afternoon, the wedding was beautiful!  There are not any other words for it.  BEAUTIFUL! 

So the reception was at a fairground that was popular during the 50's.  It is near where Sarah grew up.  The reception was in the bumper car pavilion.  The carousel was also up and working.  We rode it twice and took a ton of pictures. 

My favorite parts of the whole wedding experience were all the parts they did themselves.  Sarah & Tim made so many of the components themselves.  The icing on the cake (they didn't make the cake) was the guest book.  They designed a "family tree."  Everyone put their stamp on the tree either at the rehearsal or during the wedding.  It was beautiful! 

They also made the table assignments.  They used the same fabric under the centerpieces and to cover the programs.  I never knew exactly how crafty Sarah was, she is very crafty.  She has been been working on all these projects for months.  They all turned out beautifully.

All Tim's college friends
 Here are some of my favorite shots!


Me & My Hubby
The Bridesmaids

Congrats to the Bride & Groom!!!!

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