Monday, June 24, 2013

Our favorite things 0-3 months

Newborns. Infants. Babies. Each one is different. Each one requires a whole lot of crap. Here are the things we couldn't live without. 

Favorite things we couldn't have lived without during the first three months:

  1. Swaddling blankets. We used them all the time. Sleeping. Napping. Sometimes in the bouncy seat.  Eliana loved being swaddled and they made our lives so much easier. I wish she didn't love them as much because now we are trying to unswaddle her as she starts rolling over.
  2. Bouncy seat. Saved our lives. This one has a vibrator in the seat. And Eliana loves it. It has an activity bridge that she is finally getting into playing with; she is taking to and reaching for the animals.
  3. Swing but only temporarily. There are times when she loves the swing and talks to the animals in the mobile; and there are other times when she can't stand the swing at all. The one we have can rotate and either swing front to back or side to side. Eliana normally swings front to back.
  4. Pacifier. She loves this paci. But only the 0-3 month ones. We tried to introduce the 3-6 month-ers, but they feel different (because they are for teething). And she isn't ready for them. So we backed off - for now.
  5. O-Ball.  Oh man this ball is the cat's meow. It was the first toy she really started playing with. She could grab it easily and has been trying to get it in her mouth.  This ball is a must have!
  6. Boppy for sitting. Maybe.
  7. Mobile on her crib. She loves looking at it always.
  8. Lawn for drying bottle paraphernalia. It's amazing how helpful this little piece of plastic has become. And how nice it is to keep the bottle paraphernalia separate from our dishes. 
  9. Washcloth to hold onto. She loves holding onto them.
  10. Sunscreen. This stick is so much easier to use than spread. I love it. 

Things we didn't need at all...

  1. Swing. If we didn't have it, we wouldn't really miss it. It just takes up space.
  2. Boppy for breast feeding. Boppy in general. I think it was a waste of money... 

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