Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

You know Thanksgiving is a big deal in our house. I mean, Matt's world almost collapsed the year we married because our wedding canceled all our Thanksgiving plans. We had to make an impromptu Thanksgiving on a school night in order to restore order to the world.

So like in previous years, we celebrated three times. But unlike those same years, I only cooked ONE TURKEY this year. Now if your remember last year, you'll remember the fiasco with trying to find a turkey. This year, I went into the store for my birds (I assumed I would be getting two again) and asked for 2- 15 pounders, and he came back with 2- 30 pounders! WHERE WERE YOU LAST YEAR?!?!?!?! for real.

Anyways. We went home and played with the bird. Her name was Bertha. You know I don't like fondling anyone I don't know. So names are important when you put your hands under the skin. Which is the first thing you should do with the bird.

Back to my story. Our story. Whatever. First Thanksgiving is always Friends-giving. An afternoon spent with our friends (duh), turkey, and drinking. It's amazing that a few years ago, the first year that we hosted this event, we were all up until at least 2 in the morning having a wonderful time. And in the four years since, I think everyone has left by 10... babies. What can you do. They change things.

Our next Thanksgiving was with Matt's family. It was nice to see all the family. All the Uncles & Aunts & cousins. (side note, why are adults capitalized and cousins not - or is that just me...whatever). Not important. I digress.

Matt's Grandmother was a genius. She had 4 boys. They all grew up and got married. And that's when his Grandmother demonstrated her genius. She decided they would celebrate major holidays the weekend before. That way on the actual holiday, the boys could be with their wives' families. No trying to decide which family they were going to celebrate with. Amazing. Thank you Grand-mommy. You made all our families happier places.

Our final Thanksgiving, is Thanksgiving. We try to spend Wednesday night with Linda, Phil, and Lauren. This year there was awful weather. It was one of those storms. So we didn't make it. We were sad to have missed them. Thursday we got up and finally got on the road. We stopped by Linda's for a hug and a kiss. And then we spent the next 7 hours making that 4 hour drive.

When we finally made it to CT, we spent the weekend hanging out with Grandparents & Great Grandparents. Aunts and Uncle. (again with the caps???)

Four Generations of Stone Women

This year we are thankful for:
  • Eliana
  • our health
  • our families
  • our friends
  • not feeling like we had to give up our lives when Eliana was born
  • making time for ourselves
  • friends we have made through Eliana
  • making smart decisions - for our family, for our stomachs, in our jobs
  • how fast Amazon ships 

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