Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 Months

I can't believe how fast this goes. How fast she grows. It is crazy. Crazy fast. 

Month 4

Weight: 13 lbs. 14 oz.          70 percentile
Height: 25.5 inches              90 percentile       Weight to Height - 20 percentile
Head: 42 cm.

The nurse measured her head twice because she didn't believe she measured it right the first time. Yea, that's right. She is definitely a Reese - head and all. And look at those percentiles - she is long and skinny. 


  • Eliana makes a lot of cute faces. 
  • She shows a lot of interest in holding books and looking at the pictures. 
  • She can roll over. She has done it a few times from her tummy to her back. But now she is rolling from her back to her tummy. All the time. She does it in her sleep. And then screams. Its cute. 
  • Eliana loves looking at the baby in the mirror. Or in the phone. Or videos of the baby. I don't think she knows she is looking at herself. But she loves the baby. Always. 
  • She unswaddled herself. She fell asleep before we could swaddle her and she slept like a champ. We haven't looked back!

We are starting to think about solids. Wish us luck!

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